146 Free boat rides were given out last night!!


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Looks like a good haul of them Bugle Mouth Bass.


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I have never understood this sport. What do you do with the fish. Some folks say they throw them in the garden. Some just throw them in the trash. And why?
I’ve always wondered the same thing . I’ve recently become friends with a guy that does it and I asked the same question . He basically said what ryanh487 said . He does it in a Alabama lake , Guntersville I believe , he said the fishery’s biologist are begging for people to remove as many as possible . And yes the dump most of them .


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Good trot line bait.
Tuff and greasy.


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I have enough property to dispose of them on food plots .but the ones that dump em at the ramps really just make the rest of us look bad.
Got into this, even modified boat with kicker engine and steering deck. Loved the sport then the more attention it got because of the fish dumpers the more I started getting out of the sport.