15-20 fish before noon on 1 spot on Lanier...

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EZ Spin

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Picked up a coworker's nephew who I had fished with before and we got on the fish pretty good this Sunday morning. I think I parked next to Troy Boy because I saw a neat and tidy Stratus trailer with fancy back up lights. If so he was there when I started at 6:30 and after I left at noon.

We caught all of our fish on two lures in a small ditch just off main lake. I used a small 85mm top water and he was throwing a SPRO Fat John 50. I got a lot of bites on the top water plug and started off working on the spots petty good but Brian caught up with me and he ended up with the most and biggest fish for the day. All of our fish came from a small ditch about half the size of a football field. We fished some other areas but kept going back the the same one again and again while watching several boats come by and leave. I am pretty sure one or two where fishing the HD Tournament but all of them were hitting the points outside of the ditch we were fishing then leaving.

These fish seemed to be eating blue backs and shad and both bait fish seemed to be in the area. All of these fish were post spawn and most were skinny, had sores and fought very hard. Some of the blow ups were awesome as the knocked my lure up in the air and smashed it several times before hooking up. I was walkin' the dawg nice and pretty and Brian was just using a medium steady retrieve. I did catch some dinks skipping docks but the two lures did all the damage.

Our two biggest fish were full grow and we had 10 pounds in two bites like the one in the picture. Will be back out there Tuesday and will fish Hammond's Wednesday and you can bet I will leave this area alone and hit it first thing Wednesday night. Hope they stay there!



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That is a stud spot right there! Glad to hear the top water is heating up somewhere on Lanier. It was slow in my attempts on Friday. Hope it treats you well on Wednesday.
Sounds like an awesome day......The one in the pic is built and looks just like a largemouth.

Cletus T.

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What a beautiful looking fish……..glad you found some feeding fish and it always feels good to be catching fish in a spot and then seeing folks come in close to you and they can’t get on the same fish. Maybe that’s the “mean” in me!

Mr and Hunter Jack fished early Sat. morning on Lanier and he caught 1 and I zeroed though I did have a grown spot break me off at the boat! BOO!!!

Thanks for sharing the report with us!


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I will see you at your "spot" Wednesday night!! LOL... sounds and looks like you guys had a great Outing..
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Thanks guys. Scott-I will see you this Wednesday barring a work emergency at work like last week. Somebody told me it took 22 pounds to win the HD tourney so some other guys are on them good too.
Cletus-I hear you and I would be lying if I didn't enjoy the same thing. I think my competitive nature comes from years and years of having my father and brother out fish me.