16 Gauge Shotgun Shells

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Saw the ammo availability thread and understand the shortages of the crazy times we're living in right now.

Just got a 16 gauge shotgun as a wedding present. Always wanted one - but realize that it's a less popular gauge and that shells might be tricky to find even during normal times.

Does anyone have a reliable store or website/distributor that they buy 16 gauge shells from?


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In a normal situation, I generally find what I need at Bass Pro. Granted right now is far from normal...


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In my area 16 ga. is not hard to find. Most businesses that sale shotgun shells carry 16's as well. I have a 16 ga. Rem. 870 and I really like it for quail
I wonder if they’ll be flats of anything for dove season? 16ga is worth reloading if you shoot it a lot. You can save a little and load what you want. Same goes for 28 and 410.