168gr TMK and SST with CFE 223 .308

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Starting out in this climate is rough. Like getting a box of twenty crayons with one crayon in it. On a road trip in AL.... will check out some stores here. Happy to have got MOA with the CFE 223 and my guess is with some work on my end it will be sub on Saturday. More dry fire.
Hey Rodney, get a look at Rob Leatham's video below... it's with a handgun but his point on changing the direction of the gun is great. Thinking through steps before the primer goes off helps me quite a bit.



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That is certainly what he will accomplish dry firing. Pick a spot on the tree out back from the kitchen table and focus on a complete trigger follow through without the cross hairs moving from the spot on the tree. Thinks like Natural Point of Aim and the like could also shrink your group...and checking for parallax. Once you create the muscle memory you are well on your way.