18 point Hancock county

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That's a beauty for sure. Congratulations. Way to get it done. Do you have history with that particular buck or was he a complete surprise?
He was not a surprise. Had a few trail cam pictures of him since early July and have climbed a tree a good ways from where I was getting the pics of him a couple of times before season to try and get a handle on how the deer were generally using the area. I did not expect to to get a shot Sunday afternoon because I put my stand about 50 yards back of where I thought the perfect setup would be. It is a strategy I use on new spots because so many times the deer will surprise me how they are using an area and bust me. It is a good thing because this would have been one of those times the deer did something unexpected and would have been behind me.
Congratulations on the buck of a lifetime.....and I am thankful that you also had already taken the saddle off of this HOSS before shooting him as you achieved maximum penetration it appears !!! Thanks for sharing such fantastic photos also !! :cheers:
Yes sir thats one heck of a buck. Congrats man!


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Didn’t even go Saturday because the wind was wrong and I didn’t want to risk it. Came back Sunday afternoon and after watching him for around 30 minutes work his way towards me, I was able to get a 37 yard shot. He ran about 60-70 yards and I heard him crash. It was an easy job finding him but I underestimated how big he was and struggled getting him out on my own. He was 202 lbs with his nose still on the ground. I guess that is one of those good problems to have. :)
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Great gosh all mighty! Congrats!