1976 Apache Ramada “hardside” pop-up camper.

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This would make a great hunting camper. There is no canvas to rot or tear and you could park it and leave it up year round, or drop it down for security. Length of the box is 16 when closed and 22ft when opened. I purchased it off Craig list about three years ago and have been piddling with it, off and on, ever since.

To date I have done the following;

Mechanical: Rebuilt built the lift system, dis-assembled, cleaned, and greased both gear boxes. I rebuilt the lift chains with Stainless Steel cables. Top goes up and down easy.

Electrical: Replaced the old 120v to12v converter with a new 30 amp unit. Replaced the over-headlights and have a roll of 14-2 and a box full of outlets for additional power throughout the camper. Also, a weather proof socket for outdoor power. Tail lamp assy’s and marker lamps have all been replaced(these pic's don't show tail lights, but I have a new set). Also have a 12 volt exterior entrance light to be installed. The three way fridge works on 12volts and 120volts. It’s presently in my shop keeping the water and beer cold. I added an AM/FM/ CD player and speakers for entertainment.

Heat & Air, and Plumbing: Installed a newer 10K BTU A/C with remote. I cleaned and serviced the 15K BTU furnace and verified operation on a tank of propane. Both the enamel sink and stove have been replaced with used stainless units. Sink will need a pump faucet and the 10 gallon water tank installed, or I have the hose assembly to utilize a street hook up.

Interior: Replaced both counter tops, painted the cabinets and seat bases. Replaced the vinyl flooring, insulated the entire camper, where I could, to include the “bed ends”. Removed the roof, replaced the ceiling panels and added rods to fix the roof sag. All the folding bed end panels had a plastic hinge material called “living hinge” which was all broken. I’ve replaced all with a nylon web material that will not break. Multiple cracks in the bed panels and roof have been repaired.

I have all the cushions for the dinette and “gaucho” couch. There are no mattresses for the bed ends. There is no table for the dinette either, but I have enough plywood and laminate to make one. The interior is partially put back together, and I have all the old material and hinges so that new seat base lids, etc. can be made.

All of the plexi-glass windows need to be replaced and curtains made for the windows. Another option would be to cover the window openings with plywood if the camper is to be used at a hunting camp. I believe enough “plexi” can be bought for about $200 for the whole camper. If you plan to use the furnace and stove, the supply line and regulator from the tongue needs to be replaced and a CO2 detector, propane leak detector, and fire alarm should be added. I have one 20 lbs propane cylinder to go with it. The tires have good tread with some dry rot. The spare looks like it has never been on the ground.

I pulled it from Rome to Lizella with no problems. The hubs have not been serviced and the brakes are not hooked up. I will remove the hubs and repack the bearings before it leaves my property.

Now for the price. This lovely classic piece of outdoor adventure can be yours for $900.00. Heck, I’ll even throw in an early 70’s Apache Mesa III that I picked up a few months ago. It is a basket case, but it could be made usable.



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I'm in Lizella, about 10-12 miles west of Macon, off I-475.
hello. my name is gary, and im wondering if ur camper is still available. also, i have a 14 ft. johnboat and trailer, that u might want to discuss as a possible trade,as u mentioned.if u could,please respond to this email, or u can call me at........404-824-0982. thank u for ur time
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Pending Sale on Friday. I will repost if deal falls through.
Somebody's getting a deal. Them things are turning into collector items.
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