1st wheelgun...updated with my firs 18 shots

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Gonna shoot it today, took the custom wood grip off that is in the picture and put a hogue grip on it. Will post pictures later of my terrible shooting.
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1st 6 shots at 15 yards.

2nd 6 shots 25 yards 3 misses

3rd 6 shots 25 yards 2 misses


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Nice six-gun. You’ll probably find that your first group or two during most sessions will be your best of the day. After 15 or 20 shots, you’ll get a little sensitive to the recoil and start to anticipate the shot and flinch a bit. Have fun and be safe!
I doubt it will take 15 or 20 shots before he starts to flinch a little. A new shooter should limit him/her self to only 6 to 12 shots with heavy loads, at least for a month or two. To do otherwise could very well cause a flinch. That should be avoided at any cost as flinches can be hard to get rid of.
I have basically the same pistol except mine is blued. I bought mine in 1979 so I know firsthand how the effect from recoil accumulates after just a few shots.
I've found these pistols can be very accurate with the right loads. Often a few shots will be touching at 25 and 50 yards once you learn to shoot it.