2 months since the melt down and NEW format

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Does anyone still remember the old forum??? :yeah:

I have come to love the new format and it's many features. Such as the "quick links" at the top right of each page which allows me to jump anywhere anytime without having to go back to the main page....especially "mark all forums read".

What about you...anything good or bad?

The only thing you'd need to store the volume of knowledge from D2D is a 3x5 index card. :bounce: ::gone:



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I guess after you put his on that card Skipper, there will be plenty of room for yours too :whip: :bounce:
There's even a smile out there with a full copy of D2D's un-abridged hunting information encyclopedia
If he flips it over, you get my drawins and plans fer building a 4 wheeler out of a ridin lawn mower or an old mail box post or whatever.

Seriously, those old posts were nice to be able to search if we still had them, but bear in mind, the thing also crashed 2 months before that, and was reset then, so really, the vast wealth of knowledge in the posts was lost 2 crashes ago, and not the last one.

One thing about these boards that is a fact, there are literally zillions of them out there running the same software, and it takes a few short months for any of them to become so hackable that it's just a matter of time before someone gets it good. Most of the vendors of the software issue new updates every so often to prevent it, but it's a vicious cycle. With vBulletin, the old version was built for Linux servers. Microsoft's server platform did not used to be able to run php and msql which make these boards operate. The new version of MS's server does offer the ability to run variations of those pieces. Most of the board software people are converting their systems to run on either MS or Linux servers which is more or less the case with vBulletin. The older version designed for Linux got bad out of date in the process, and it was a matter of time before any board running the old version had problems. I would also venture a guess that the problems here might have been created when the server ran out of disk space to hold the database this site creates with the number of posts on it. I fully believe that they did as good of a job restoring it as possible. I know when I switched from vB2 ot vB3, I lost a lot of things on my site as well, some of which I'm just now getting around to putting back up.

I'm just glad Jim and company were able to get it back on line.


BTW: I think D2D read me right, that was just too good of an opportunity to pass up.


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Jim I am a little slow on the uptake . How does this Quick Reply work. What is the icon? Walk me through a session if you have time. I'll bet I am not the only one that does not know how to operate the quick reply.
It took me a little while but I have a handle on the board now.

I did not like the way the preview popped up on a topic when you moved the cursor over the subject,now I find myself trying to do the same thing on other sites that don't have it.

If there is a spell checker,I have not found it yet.


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I second what Jef said

soell check wprks graet and I use it moist of the tiem ;)

Seems everything is fine on this end too, Jim. I like the new "quick reply".. It's good for tossing in a quick, .02 and then moving on...

It's just getting used to it being there! When I remember it, it's neat to use. Especially since I'm on dial up still... :whip:
I have IESPELL and I use it all the time but I do not believe it works with this format. It says spell check complete but it misses words.

I believe I read somewhere that it does not work everywhere.I am going to misspell a cuple a words to check it.I am now going to spell check.

(Nope,It says spell check complete and I sure know it is not.)


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I second what Jeff said


spell check works great and I use it moist of the time


Frank, I recopied my misspelled post from earlier and ran ieSpell and ieSpell caught all but "moist", but that is a word. :)

I don't know if it catches all or just some, but without it I would be a lot harder to read ;)