2 wt Rod Recommendations


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Any recommendations on a 10’-12’ 2 weight rods? I’d like to keep it under $250.

My main thought is that it will be used for blue lining primarily. I really want that extra 1-3’ of rod to be able to bow and arrow cast further and manage the line a little better on roll cast in small streams.

I’m sure it will see some bluegill as well, but pretty content with my 4 wt on those guys so the rods functionality targeting them isn’t as big of a deal.


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My recommendation is to go with a 10' 3 wt instead. It'll be a lot more versatile. I bought a Greys 10' 3 wt last year that I really like. Very well-made rod for the money. I mainly use it as a nymph rig, but it throws a dry fly good, too. Made by the same bunch as Hardy and Fenwick. Redington has some good ones in that price range, too.


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Don't own a 2 wt, but do own/fish a TFO 3 wt that has served me well from small trout streams in MT, WY, CO as well as a great "bream" pond rod down here in GA

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I just bought a 10'6" 3wt Maxcatch Competition InTouch nymph rod off Amazon. (They also have a 2wt version.) I haven't had a chance to fish it yet, but it looks and feels great.

I was also considering the Echo Carbon XL Euro-nymph rod. I fished a 9' 5wt Carbon XL on a guided trip and loved it. I figured the Euro-nymph version had to be good, too.