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Good evening gentleman, I’m thinking about going the 20 gauge route, thinking of buying one pretty quick, so that I can go shoot it and get use to it before opening day, I would like to hear about the 20 gauge you shoot, the pros and cons of it, thank you in advance,
Like to stay around a grand or less,


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Started out hunting with a 20...Killed a ton of small game, and my first deer with a plain ol' rifled slug.

Was grown before I went 12 guage, and none of the few I own will ever kill as many critters as that ol Stevens 20 has...

In fact, I just bought an 870 Express Youth model, for my Grandson. He's a couple inches in arm length from using it, so I will get it well smoothed up and broken in for him till he grows a bit...


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Overnight, I remembered a buddy of my Dad's who was the best in our part of the world at shooting birds...Saw him shoot three out of four doves that flew by once.

His weapon of choice was a tiny well patina-ed over/under 20, that had once been a terribly expensive high grade, gold inlayed, beautifully stocked something or other.

It worked for him...


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Love the 20 gauge. You didn’t mention what action so I’ll assume a semi-auto. Take a look at the Franchi Affinity. Pretty much a copy of the Benelli system.


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A solid double SXS is the Ithaca SKB 100. 6 lbs. Single select trigger, extractors. Last year of mfg. was 1978. Made in Japan for Ithaca. $1000+/-
Another good choice is a used Beretta 680, 682, 686, 687 series of gun. O/U. $1200-1500. Great guns with a solid reputation of reliability.



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I love a 20, use one regularly when hunting quail (wild birds), though I'll drop to a 28 with the same gun on the occasion that I'm hunting released ones. My O/U has interchangable barrels, and I've found that convenient.
For all of my adult life I've used a 12 for dove, and still do, though when hunting in Bolivia a couple of years ago, I only used a 20 semi-auto for dove and pigeon and found no disadvantage.

I have shot a 20 gauge ever since I outgrew the .410 around 11 years old .... I did go to 12 gauge for a couple years ...until I figured out I was killing more birds with the 20.... It(20) is all I have shot for past forty years....

Benelli Montefelltro
Yildiz over/under
Model 12 Winchester ....

All 20 gauge...

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Started on a 410 then started shooting a 20 and thought I needed a 12 gauge as I got bigger. I came right on back to the 20 gauge club and it is about all I shoot now. I bought a stoeger 3020 when they first came out and I like the gun. I've pondered buying a m2 in 20 gauge but I cant see spending the money when my stoeger does everything I ever ask of it. The affinity is a nice shot gun as well.

I've had several over under 20 gauges that all got sold for 1 reason or another. Go to barrows and find what you want, they'll probably have it.

Mid brass number 8 or 9 out of a modified choke will kill all the dove you want to pick up. That's what I'll be shooting opening day of dove season.


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Personally not a big fan of over and under on dove field, when the birds get to flying fast and furious it’s easier to reload an auto.
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Sorry guys I’ve been slammed, trying to renovate the deck, it seems I always get talked into projects in JULY, for some reason,
Thanks for al the feed back, I’m looking into a semi, camo preferably, I’m going to take a trip to barrows soon, to shoulder a couple to see which one fells the best,
some of you mentioned the shot you would be shooting opening day, if you suggested a gun, what shot have you have the best of luck with, I understand that every gun is different, but a little help will help narrow it down a little, with the shortage of ammo!!