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@JROESEL unless I just find a killer deal somewhere all my new guns come from Barrow's. I have honestly never been in there and looked for a gun that they didn't have.

As for ammo: I typically shoot 8 or 9 shot early in the season whichever I can find cheapest and will shoot 7's later on when its cooler and birds are a little harder to kill.

You'll really enjoy shooting a 20 on a dove field once you get dialed in.
20 gauge is great. Have bagged countless dove, quail, rabbits, and squirrels over the years. Four falls ago shot a nice doe with a 20 ga rifled slug and that deer wouldn't have gone down any quicker had she been shot with a 12 ga or .30/06. Hope I never have to find out but I would imagine 20 ga #3 buckshot to be a good home defense load. Is it obvious yet? I love the 20 gauge.


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I have two Benelli’s...a super 90 in 12 and a montefeltro in 20. Never had an issue with either one....extremely reliable regardless of the load. The 20 is light and maneuverable but is not the softest shooting gun with heavier loads....product of the inertia system and light weight of the gun. Since the patent has run out, other manufacturers are incorporating this system in their offerings. If you are going to utilize heavy loads for larger game, I might consider a gas operated system. I bought mine primarily for quail and dove. good luck on your quest and let us know what you choose


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Sold my LH camo Beretta 12 gauge and bought a Benelli SB2 in 20 gauge on way to dove shoot last year opening day. The Beretta LH was only offered in 28" and never did get comfortable with it. The 20 has 26" and great for turkey and doves.


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have a stoeger 3020 and love it, I shoot fiocchi 1 oz #9 for doves they are a tad higher but I like them. Bought one of the Steven's o/u in 20 ga last year has the electors, love it also. I'm now looking for a browning silver hunter in 20 ga.
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Well gentleman I broke down and bought the Benelli m2 20 gauge 26” barrel mossy oak shadow grass, I got it from Barrows down in butler, got to shoot it a little the other day and it’s going to take some getting use to, man that thing is light, I haven’t had a chance to pattern it, but I do already have some extended chokes in the mail for it, (midway has them on sale) I also shouldered the beretta a400 20g lite, it was a little heavier then the m2 but not by much,I also looked at the Stoeger 3020, it was 659$, it was heavier but still fit ok, it was the fit and trust that I have in my other Benellis that pushed me the direction that I went, then when I got home, my wife says what do you want for your birthday (8-12),
I said, well I just bought a new gun, and she said, I’ll pay for half off it!!! So it worked out nicely, thank you to all that helped with all of your suggestions, Happy hunting and be safe out there!!!