2004 Tacoma Clearcoat issue

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Here is my babied 2004 Tacoma 4x4 SR5 TRD 5 speed manual 63,000 miles. Just used for hunting & fishing. Runs like it is brand new. I have watched the clear coat progressively get worse on the roof and hood. Any suggestions on where or who to go to for a fix? I really don’t want to repaint the entire truck. Paint is fine except for roof and hood. Any suggestions would be great. Is this something someone could fix without going to a full paint shop?



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It's a Toyota thing...Been thru it myself. A shop I trust said paint it, or live with it...

I chose to live with it.

A guy I know had his hood on his 4runner camo wrapped. Ended up looking worse.

It's a Toyota thing....


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It's a thing if you don't keep it washed and a good coat of wax on it. Most folks don't take the time to wash the roof because you can't see up there. That spot on the hood is hard to reach and gets missed sometimes when washing. I use a four foot ladder on mine so I can reach everything and so far still looks like new. Sorry about your Taco but like Railroader said paint it or live with it.


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My 97 is doing the same thing, same places. It`s even the same color.


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My 4runner used to be black, but it has naturally become that flat gray that folks have have been going nutz over, and paying to get...

Looking rough is becoming the style, and Little Earl is leading the way.
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Thanks everyone.......I am getting used to it and the olive drab matte effect is starting to grow on me. I’ve had an 87 4 runner, 94 Tacoma and now this 04. Regretted selling the 1st 2. This one is a keeper.


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My black '03 has been doing the same for a few years now. Hardly any clearcoat left on the hood or roof and it's starting to creep down the sides. It's funny when it rains and is soaking wet, you can't even tell! I've said as long as it doesn't start to rust, I will just live with it.
They all do that eventually (Ford, Dodge, GM, Toy, Niss....). Two stage paint technology, base coat with the blow away clear coat! I hate it with a passion. I'd rather have good ol' acrylic enamel or imron (sp?) myself, but the EPA saw fit to push those out of style because of the volitile fumes. Sure was nice to be able to buff, polish and wax enamel when it got chalky. Looked almost like new again.

To do it right, you're GON have to either do a total repaint or let it run its course until you notice rust starting, then do a total repaint. Just toppin' it off with a new clear coat won't last long if you don't put a fresh layer under it so it'll bond. And if you go back with the same base coat clear coat process you have now, it'll last about as long as what you have now.

As much as new vehicles cost now, they ought to come from the factory powder coated!


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Sorry but a 94 is not a Tacoma. 94 would be a sixth gen Toyota. Tacoma first gen started in 95. I am a Toyotaholic you might say. I have owned a 92 and 94 Yota pickup. I loved those little trucks with the 2.4 22re 5 speed 4x4. I now have a 94 4runner 4x4 3.slow and a 2012 Tacoma offroad and a 2015 Tacoma Sport which are second gen. 2015 was the last of the 2G's and still don't care for the 2016 and up 3G's with that 3.5. My wife has a 2015 4runner.

Sorry guys I will save this stuff for my Tacoma World Forum. :)


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16 year old original paint job isn't going to hold up unless it was garaged and regularly washed/waxed. Also if you are in a metro area you have got to deal with air pollution. Had two vehicles I had to repaint because of that back in the 90's.
My 07 FJ looks brand new.....except for the hood.
Faded and chipping. I've noticed a lot of black Toyota's with hood paint issues.
I really need it painted.


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Dark colors get very hot sitting in the sun, it basically fries the thin layer of clear coat on new vehicles. As said above, you can live with it or paint it. Personally, I’d fix it before it started rusting.


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I have a Tacoma and doing the same thing. I also work in a body shop and only way to fix it the right way is to strip it metal or the clear coat all the way to base coat ,and prime it . Then repaint it. Thin clear on Tacomas.