2009-2010 Handgun Challenge Kill Sheet!

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Please only use this when entering a deer to be scored for the challenge, and please use this format when entering your kill.

Scoring will be this. All does will score as 10 points. All bucks will score as 5 points, plus the number of points x 2. (i.e. a 4 point buck would score13 points, a 6 point buck will score 17 points, etc...). I want to do it this way to discourage people from shooting small bucks to just "score" when a doe will score just as well. The bigger the buck you hold out for, the better your score will be. Take does to rack up a score.

All entries must be entered within 5 days of the kill date.




Weapon Used:

Ammo Used:

Sex of Deer (# of points if buck):

Details about the hunt:
Teams are as follows:

Team #1 -- tv_racing_fan & son

Team #2 -- special k $ son

Team #3 -- leadoff & Hawken2222

The Handcannon Coalition -- Forkhorn & SakoL61R -- 20 points

Team #5 -- Darrell H & blakely -- 54 points

Team #6 -- Apache61 & rwg

Team #7 -- Workin2hunt & FrankWright -- 10 points

Operation Bad Medicine -- Handgunner & HandgunHTR -- 40 points

Team #9 -- Will_Dawg & 11P&YBOWHUNTER -- 60 points

Team #10 -- 500S&W & ApexPredator

Team HGK -- Bowhntr & ATLRoach -- 36 points

Team #12 -- davidf & jamiehunts -- 64 points


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Team: 12

Date: 10-17

Time:7:30 AM

Weapon Used:S&W 500

Ammo Used: 400 GRAIN WIN.

Sex of Deer (# of points if buck):BUCK 8 POINT 16 1/2 INCH SPREAD

Details about the hunt: HUNTING A FEW WHITE OAKS IN THE PINES. SHOT WAS 25-30 YARDS DEER RAN ABOUT 50 YARDS AFTER SHOT./http://i362.photobucket.com/albums/oo62/crazy_cay11/pistolkill003.jpg
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That's what I'm talking about!

Too bad we ain't counting hogs. I passed on ten as they single filed by my tree at 3 yards!


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Team HGK

Team: HGK

Date: 10-18-09

Time: 8:05 AM

Weapon used: .357 Max Contender 14" barrel w/ 2x Burris scope.

Ammo Used: My handloads of Win 296 and a Speer HotCor 180gr flat point and small rifle primer.

Sex of deer: Doe- very big northern strain . 125-130lbs live.

Details about hunt: Missed a large doe Saturday evening @ 6:05 PM 65yds . To say the least I was shooting from a brush ground blind and one of the twiggs was not seen in the scope. Sunday morning same blind but did some trimming of the branches in my line of sight. 3 deer came in around 7:30 on my right side so trying to turn they caught my movement and left . 8:05 a:m two more stepped in and one crossed the food plot in front of me and when she passed behind a bush I brought my Contender up and put one thru her lungs at 25yds . She made it about 80yds and led me to all the buck sign . Heres a few pics .



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Doe Down

Team #12
Date: 11-01-2009
Time: 10:25AM
Weapon used: Thompson Contender 44 mag 16" barrel with Simmons scope
Ammo used: Remington 180 grain jsp
Sex of deer: Doe
Details of hunt: I was hunting a small food plot between an oak bottom and 8 year old pines. She came out about 30 yards down from my stand feeding along the edge. When she turned to go back into the pines i droped her where she stood.


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Team 7 Working2hunt &Frank Wright
11:00 AM
Ruger Redhawk .41 Mag
Handloaded Hornady 210 XTP

I was hunting with a friend on his land in lamar Co. I sat in a ladder stand until 10:00 with White Oaks raining down and saw no deer.( he sat on a food plot and saw 10 does and a six point but didn't shoot)
I got down to check out a food plot I planned on hunting that evening, I knew about where it was but had never seen it. We were supposed to head for the truck at 11:00 so I had an hour to play. As I usually do I pulled out my ratchet cutters and made me an impromptu walking stick/shooting stick.
I got almost back to the road where the truck was and I glanced up the hill at a delapidated old ladder stand and saw a deer under it. I saw her she saw me! I froze with my binoculars up and rested them on my shooting stick.
I knew she was small and far away but the freezer is empty and my season has been extremely poor so far.

I waited for her to relax and turn broadside and I rested the Redhawk on the fork of the stick and put the red dot of the Ultra Dot sight on her shoulder and touched one off. She looked around and moved about five feet. Clean miss.

I settled down and did the same thing except this time it dumped her in the dirt. She laid there a minute and tried to pick her head up and I shot at her head and then realized the smart thing was to walk up to her and finish her. She was just about done but I ended it faster for her.

I had dropped my stick after the put down shot, so I got my range finder from my pack, walked down the hill to the stick and ranged the dead doe. 106 yards. By far my longest kill. I knew it was pretty far but had no idea it was that far.

My friend is working on this land turning it into a primo hunting land and you can see in the picture it was bare between me and the deer with no brush in the way and also no cover for me either.