2010 Elk Hunt Suggestions

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My wife likes 2 types of hunting.... turkey(shotgun) and Elk hunting... which is great because I get deer season all too myself and we still get out together to hunt turkeys. We haven't been Elk hunting in our 7 years of marriage mainly because I want to bowhunt and she doesn't shoot a bow and she isn't gonna put the time in at the range to sight in a rifle or get comfortable with one.

I told her that if she wants to go out and call Elk, it is way better during archery season and she said that is fine and that she just wants to tag along and video...

Can anyone recommend some top quality Elk Outfitters that I can start looking into for next year? I should book this before she changes her mind!
google : strang and son quailty outfitters their located right down the road from casper. use him on and antelope hunt 2006. can't beat him. has servel type elk hunts.
Check out Dan Reyes with Ridgeline Outfitters

I recommend that you call Dan Reyes with Ridgeline Outfitters. Dan works hard.


The 330" Elk that Dan helped me get on the 24,000 acre Cat mountain Ranch last year on the first week of September is pictured in my Avatar.

Dan is holding onto 3 Cat Mountain Ranch tags for this year. The Tag costs $3500, the Guide Fee is $2500 for 6 days and the NM license that Dan will get for you is $547.00

It's basically $6500 and I recommend the 2nd or 3rd week hunt for the best trophies. 350-400" Bulls are taken on the Ranch during that time.

Cat Mountain Ranch is in Magdalena NM and the hunting on the Ranch is the best in NM with 150+ Elk herd on the ranch avoiding the Public unit land.

You will hike 6 miles a day stalking in the AM and sit on wallows in the afternoon. It is the coolest Hunt I have ever been on, Elk are huge, majestic Animals. Elk Hunting is a big deal compared to still whitetail hunting in the SE.

A top-of-the-line outfitter is The Acoma Reservation. Hunt with them for $10,000+ tip, etc. and get a 400"+ Bull.


I strongly recommend that you go to NM for your Elk, unless you can get an AZ tag.

Good Luck!
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www.bearcreekoutfitters.net - $1750 hunt

Hey, here's one more great option for Elk Hunting this year.

Kip Farmer with www.bearcreekoutfitters.net just reduced thier hunts to $1750. They are located in Hotchkiss, CO.

Great Elk hunting for Colorado.