2010 Woody's Trail Cam Contest Rules!!!

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Okay guys here are the rules for the contest. It is really simple and shouldn't be a problem for everyone to have fun.

1. Each team on Friday (starting July 2, 2010) will post their 8 best pictures as a whole from the week. (do not post 8 pictures for each member of the team....it's 8 total that will represent the team as a whole)

2. The pictures will need to be from within the week. I will put the dates the pictures need to fall within on each thread. Your pictures must have the date on them or they will not be counted.

3. There will also be a section for videos, where each team will post it's best 2 videos from the week.

4. On saturday and sunday we will vote within each other on the best pictures and videos of the week. YOU CANNOT VOTE FOR YOUR OWN TEAM!!!!!

5. Vote on what is in the picture rather than how clear it is....remember not everyone has $300 cams and the picture quality should be the last thing to worry about when judging.

6. During the last week we will have a best of best of week, and also a section where each individual will post their best pic of the contest.

7. The pictures can be of anything...as long as it falls within the rules of the forum. This would include deer, turkeys, ducks, bears, raccoons, in fact usually people with things other than deer get the most votes.

If you have any questions please PM me and I will try to answer them the best I can.
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