2012 Challenge 03/52

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Greetings and welcome to the 2012 version of the 52 week challenge. You can find all of the rules and guidelines in the master thread located here http://forum.gon.com/showthread.php?t=659768 It's important to read through them before participating in this challenge.

Theme for week three:


As always the interpretation of this week's challenge is entirely up to you so get creative! So get out there and have fun taking some new shots. :)
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I forgot you were someplace that is actually having winter. Tough to find much here unless you open the freezer door.

Nahh, I'll go ahead and swap it out for you boys lucky enough to not have a blizzard outside your house tonight...We'll swap it with one from mid Feb, totally different topic.

See, this is why I post them a day early ;) The new topic is now "Lines"...good luck :)
Maybe you could post COLD for the week of the 29th b/c I'm sure we will have some sorta cold weather that week.
TWIZZLER hiway :huh::biggrin3:

Not real happy with this one but it's the best I could get, snowin and very gray cloudy day/skys so kind of had to shoot fast to keep snow off the lens :banginghe Red lines :bounce::bounce: Oh and I ate my model when I was done so I can't try another shoot :banana:

Some great shots guys/gals :cheers:


Guess what it is...

There's hint in the photo...Wish I had a good camera, this is from a 7 year old HP Photosmart R818, 5.1 megapixels...