2012 Challenge 11/52

Wow! That iPhone is something! Very nice Crickett!
My 2 favorite targets taken with the D50 but since it won't do B&W I had to use photoshop and desaturate then I figured since I was messing around in PS I'd play with frames and the burn and liquify tools. It took many a try but finally came up with something I liked:fine:


It's just a cell phone shot, but at least I'm finally healed up enough to get out of the house! I took the girls to the park today, played around, drove through the river, went for a walk and remembered to snap a shot on my way home. I figured I'd toss in something "Wyoming" for this week.
Might just be a cell phone shot but that's a MONEY maker for sure. I can hear it now every time it goes up and down I hear " CHUNK CER dollar, CHUNK CER dollar" :rofl::rofl: To bad at the pump I hear CLICK CLICK dollar dollar :biggrin2:

Some great shots folks :cheers:


Steelringin' Mod
Very nice shots everyone!

This is actually my first post in this forum, I believe.

I just got a Canon Ti3 kit with some awards from work.

These are some of the first shots I have taken with it.

Canon Ti3 w/ 18-55mm kit lense (cheap, I know). Macro mode & monochrome setting.

The first is my little buddy, Jake.

The second is my wife's snuggle-bug, Max.


handgunHTR, both pics are very nice, but I specially like the one of Max. You captured his personality.

Looking forward to see what else you share with that new camera.

Welcome to the P&V.