2012 Challenge 20/52

A mama duck and her little ones taken on MOTHER'S DAY 13 May 2012



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Almost a mirror image!

Well, since my mom is 600 miles away, I also went with nature!
This little mother hen (look close in the tall grass) put herself between the decoy and her three little poults I have been seeing in the food plot.


Lee Woodie

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A picture of my Mother from many years past and even though she's gone. And has been for many years I'm reminded of her daily every time I pass through the living-room and gaze upon her picture.I still her her voice reminding me not to do this or that and I pause for a while and reflect on all that she taught me. Regardless whether were apart from each other or not. We can never be separated for she will run through my veins for the rest of of my life. My take on the Mother challenge.



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Good ones, y'all! Very thoughtful, Lee.

I went with nature too... I got a chance to shoot 3 different species of mamas yesterday, but picked this one to share...

Nikon D300s, Nikkor 400 mm, f/5.6, 1/60th second, ISO 1000, tripod in boat under bridge, flash at full power with Better Beamer fresnel, cropped for compostion.