2012 Trail Camera Contest

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For the trail camera enthusiasts of this board. Open to any registered member of this board as of 12/07/2011, posting time of this thread, and who register to compete in this contest by 12/31/2011. Each registered member will be allowed to enter *one* picture in each of the four monthly categories and one video in the video category. Monthly contests start at the beginning of each month and end at 12am on the last day of the month. The photo must be yours and must be entered within the month it was taken. Photos should be full framed and reduced to a size of 500 x 300 pixels for ease of viewing. You **must** keep your cams time/date stamp corrected while in operation. If it does not fall within the date/time of the month entered, it will not be accepted. It will be your responsibilty to enter the picture into the proper category. Once you enter the photo of your choice, do not delete the photo. Choose your photo wisely. All photos must be of good taste. This means no breeding photos, practical joke photos, etc. At the end of the year, all monthly category winners will be placed into a final run off for the Best 2012 Trail Cam Photo/Video. Members of this board will determine monthly winners and then the final winners through poll vote. The four monthly categories are:

1)Best whitetail deer
2)Best other big game(turkey, hog, bear)
3)Best varmit(fox, bobcat, coyote, racoon, possum)
4)Best other(any subject not fitting above or multi subj)
5)Best Video(not subject specific)

This contest is for fun and showing off the best pictures you get each month. It is in no way affiliated with this board, nor the owners.

This contest starts with the month of 01/2012.
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