2014 Hoyts with Z5 cams and whisker biscuit...

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Anyone have a new Hoyt with the Z5 cams and have a whisker biscuit on it? If so, pm me if you were able to tune it. I'd read some guys having trouble tuning a Trophy Taker smackdown on the new '14's, but I haven't had one of those yet. I have one now with a whisker biscuit, and it will not tune under any situation. It tears high out of the bow no matter what. I've done every trick in the book on this bow, and it won't shoot. I've even added and subtracted string weights on the string to try and manipulate it. It hardly reacts to any change at all. Very, very weird. It doesn't respond to cam sync changes, nock height/rest height changes, I even tried it all different locations of the berger hole. Tried 3 different spine arrows, different nocks, etc. I don't get stumped by many bows, but this one had me.

I know its something with the cams and that rest, as I tied a limbdriver Pro-V on it, and it immediately shot a bullet hole. I'd like to hear if anyone else has a biscuit on a '14 model Hoyt.


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Had a buddy that brought me a faktor with a brand new whisker biscuit and I too could not get a nock high tear out of it. So just to try I traded the whiskers out and redid my nock sets to where it was even on top and bottom instead of more on the bottom and...... perfect hole.

So it was either just the whiskers it had originally were too weak to keep the arrow completely up through the shot or by equaling the size of my nock sets it put less down pressure on the whiskers and cleared it up.


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I had a buddy to bring me his new CS 34 to set it up. It has the no.3 cam set on 31"dl. I did the usual setup, top cam advanced just a little and I took out almost all cam lean at full draw. The bottom cam seemed to have a little more lean than I am used to but it shot perfect bullet holes through paper with the whisker biscuit.
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I don't why this bow didn't like it, but it didn't. I literally put the nock everywhere, the rest everywhere, the cam sync in different spots, different grips, different arrows. This was a composite, not all metal, biscuit, not sure if it was flexing, or what it was doing.

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I have setup two faktor 30's with WB's with no issues. However they were both metal versions and not the composite. I will say the Faktor 30 and CS 30's have been much more finicky about cam timing than previous year Hoyt bows. I've found they like to be set with the stops hitting the same or will give a high tear.
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This wasnt a 1/8" tear either. It generally stayed in the inch to inch and half range. I think it was bouncing through the rest.
I've seen a high tear several times. I'm thinking on at least some of them the arrow was actually being launched up as it left the rest by the bristles. You did the right thing by changing rest. Sometimes the bow tells you what it likes, don't be hard headed and argue, just go with the flow!:cheers:
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Put a new limbdriver Pro-V on and had it shooting bullet hole bareshafts in 5 minutes. That's why I love those rests too.


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That's goods to hear. You had me worried that Hoyt had made a lemon, lol.::ke: