2015 PSE DS Decree

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I had to resight mine it was close to a foot low. But this has made me very happy with this bow. but extending draw length should give it a few fps faster? It really doesn't matter to me this thang has plenty of speed.
Yep, that cam is more aggressive than the Surge, which is a single cam bow. If you cams are in sync, as Kris suggested, try this. What ever the draw length module is set on, move the draw stop ahead one hole. Example: if your draw length mod is on 28", move the draw stop to 28.5". PSE cams are all marked with letter designations for draw length, so it may be easier this way.....if the draw mod is set on the "F" mark, move the draw stop to the "E" spot. That's half an inch, and will give you a little more valley. Otherwise, you'll have to practice staying firm in the shot, and hard into the wall. The Decree to me is the best of the X force line since the first ones in 07, with the HF cam.....
I know this is an old thread for a 2015 bow but here's my journey to the PSE Decree IC in 2020. Owned the Omen@70#s, then DNA at 70#s, skipped getting the Decree as it seemed like another version of the DNA. I turned 50 and strength was going so went to Full Throttle@65#s then changed limbs to 60#s. At 53, loved the speed but the aggressive cams weren't so comfortable anymore so went to the Evolve Cam on the Evolve 31, then added an Evolve 28. Very comfortable to shoot but the trade off is speed. Wanting to get my speed back to at least 300'/second, I bought the Xpidite@65#s to try to regain some speed but hated the mass weight of the bow & the extra pull weight. It was shooting 310'/second. Sold it for $100 more than I bought it and then saw a brand new Decree IC 31"@60#s on eBay for $340 (shipped to my door at $403). Having shot the Evolve Cam 60#s at 90%LO for almost 2 years now, it was a shock to the system to go back to a speed bow with little valley. Reminded me of my FT so, before deciding to sell my new(old) decree I found the solution to gain more valley on this thread. It works great BUT it makes the valley very mushy with that 1/2" play. I find while shooting I creep a lot also which effects accuracy. I have found the perfect solution that will work for those that shoot a draw length from about 27" to 29.5". I shoot 29"DL so I drilled a hole between the 29" and 29.5" draw stop holes on each cam to make a hole at 29.25". Make sure you use a very sharp drip bit to make a clean hole. The effect has created the perfect valley for me so that the string doesn't want to jump out of your hand yet the valley is no longer mushy. I adjusted the limb stop accordingly also. This fix also keeps the cams from over rotating as much as with the 1/2 inch over settings. I had no warranty on this bow so it was worth a try for me and it has worked like a dream to shoot comfortably a speed bow with a reasonably comfortable draw & a very comfortable valley for us old guys. This Old/New bow is now my favorite. Just haven't been impressed with PSE's new line-up of bows for this year so the new year will see me using my New PSE Decree as my go to deer killer. In the tree stand, I will stick to the Evolve 28 but since 75% of my hunting is done out of a box blind, my decree will see a lot of action this year as I chase deer all year long here in Texas. You can catch see my new decree in action on Indian Creek Bowhunting Journal on my utube channel. Thanks for the info here guys. Great thread 1.jpg 2.jpg