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PLEASE post other business, congratulations, etc. on another thread so I won't have to sift through other posts to get scores. Thanks.

If you enter a deer you can edit the post but please DO NOT delete it. . I need the post numbers to match up with the entry I have on record. If you delete it I will subtract 25 points from your team.

HERE ARE THE RULES: Make sure you read and understand the rules! PM BowChilling with any questions!

Each team member will be allowed 3 Georgia deer entries, 1 buck and 2 does for a total of 9 deer per team. All entries must be harvested with legal archery equipment as defined by Georgia DNR. “Harvested” means killed. If you shoot a deer with your bow and then track it down and kill it with a gun it is not eligible for entry into this contest. Fawns with visible spots will not be accepted! Once you enter a buck you can replace it later if you kill a bigger buck. This can only be done once per team member. There are no bonus points this year!

Enter each deer separately. If you had a great evening hunt and have a truck bed full of venison you will need to lay each animal out by themselves and take good clear pictures of each of them. I also want a group deer picture that proves you killed more than one during that hunt. See example pictures below!

Does will score 50 points. When entering your doe you will need 2 pictures.

Picture one with the hunter, the animal and your bow/crossbow. Don’t forget the weapon!

Picture two showing a clear broadhead entry or exit hole and your 2016 deer harvest record with harvest date and DNR confirmation number recorded. (If you do not have a harvest record, go to the DNR website and add it to your license and reprint it. The harvest record is free!) If hunting a State WMA quota hunt then DNR issued tag must be visible and readable in place of your harvest record.
If you enter a doe and you can't clearly see the top of the does head then you will get 35 points instead of 50 for that entry. I will even let you replace that animal later in the year with another one if you get the pictures right!

PLEASE NOTE: Make lots of pictures to insure you have good ones. Preview your post before submitting it. If you cannot read your harvest record or clearly see the broadhead entry/exit hole then you need to use a better picture. Unclear pictures will result in a 25 point deduction or rejection of the entry.

Buck scoring will be as follows:
50 points for the animal + 2 points for each antler point over 1 inch + measurement of widest outside spread X 2 + length of longest tine X 2.
Example: an 8 point buck with an outside spread of 14" and longest tine measuring 8" will score 112 points.
Deer = 50
8 X 2 = 16
14 outside spread X 2 = 28
8 longest tine X 2 = 16

Button bucks and spikes will be scored using the buck formula but you will get no points for longest tine. Even though you can tag a button buck as antlerless, for this contest button bucks cannot be used as a doe! If you harvest a Buck in addition to the two pictures needed for a doe entry you will need to have a picture of his longest tine as well as its spread with a metal tape measure clearly showing its tine length and spread width! (Outside spread) Here is the correct way to measure your buck. (Read carefully as it is very important): (Use a metal tape measure)Longest tine; hook your tape measure on tip of longest tine and pull down to main beam. Measurement is taken from the top of the main beam. Outside spread; hook your tape measure on main beam and pull tape across to outside edge of the opposite beam. Measure tape must be parallel to the antler bases. If these pictures are not clear you may be asked to resubmit them. Make sure both ends of the tape are visible in the picture. Make sure the pictures are in focus and are sized large enough to read the tape clearly!

Again this year, you do NOT score your buck entries. They will be scored by judges based on the pictures you submit. Any entries rejected will be handled in a PM between the contest director and entrant. Any questions on scoring should be sent to the contest director by private message.
Cheating will not be tolerated.
Entries should be posted at maximum 7 days after harvest. If you are in hunting camp for a week or longer you will just have to figure out a way to post those entries within 7 days. No entries will be accepted after January 8, 2017 at 10:00 PM.

The decision of the contest director will be final. Do not bother the moderators of Woody's with your complaints.

Make sure you:
1. Have a valid 2016 Harvest Record. THEY ARE FREE!
2. Have a metal carpentry style tape. No cloth tape measures!
3. Include your bow/crossbow in your picture
4. Have a decent digital camera that makes clear pictures. Please take the time to look at the pictures below!!

The rules are pretty clear. Any disagreement about them should be taken up with BowChilling via PM. DO NOT BOTHER THE MODERATORS OF WOODY”S WITH IT! And we are not going to argue them out on the open forum. You will find that I am as fair as they come but we have printed rules and they will be enforced accordingly.

As long as everybody is good with the "The decision of the contest director will be final" rule then everything is good! And by signing up for the contest you are saying you are good with it! Does that make sense??:cheers:

Good luck and good hunting!

-Billy Bouchillon



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