2017 Oglethorpe County reports

Went this past Sunday and checked cameras, nothing spectacular, got a couple does with fawns, no twins, plenty of turkeys, a few yotes, must have had a lot of rain the last couple months cause the weeds and briars have outgrown the 4ft tall pines in the clearcut. Deer should have plenty of browse, better than last year. Relocated cameras to check in a few weeks,
Got a few on the hit list this year the big 10pt I was after last year and seen him once at the end of shooting light bow hunting so couldn't get a shot! He looks to be wider this year! Any other guys seeing good bucks this year? Our club is thick bc of all the rain I'm excited about the season!!


Triple C

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Pulled cameras this past weekend and nothing to get to excited about. Almost 2 years after thinning of pines I am thrilled to hear quail calling throughout the property. Be cool to actually be able to hunt wild quail at some point in the future. With all the rain this year the understory in the thinned pines is a jungle. It's a beautiful thing from a habitat perspective. Looking forward to getting fall plots in the ground in a couple more months.


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Almost 2 years after thinning of pines I am thrilled to hear quail calling throughout the property.
That is pretty cool, and last week I came up on a bunch of baby quail scurrying around one of my food plots. Pretty awesome to see that good plots/managment can benefit all wildlife.
Made it down for several hours Saturday AM

Several of my club members wanted to plant some Peas so we took one of the members UTV and plows and plowed up 5 decent (1/4) acre sites on our openings that we plant our fall plots on. They wanted to see what they could do with them for bow season plots before we put in our main fall/winter plots. Checked cameras and must say I am seeing some pretty good bucks so far. I hope they stay around, probably break up from their buck groups and move off the property before deer season gets here.
I went out to my camp on Saturday to do a little bow practice and set out a camera. With all the rain the trees are loaded up with acorns. The persimmon trees and muscadine vines are loaded as well. I think I'm gonna hunt the natural food sources first before the food plots this year. Should be a good year.
Nice Todd

Some good eating there. The pigs have found our property there in Sandy Cross. The property owner next to us trapped 28 so far this summer. It is just too hot for me to go hunt them this time of year. I was down yesterday checking Cameras, everything is so grown up and thickity. Won't be long before bush hogging and food plotting. I got 3 of my primary stands put up and ready to hunt yesterday. Unfortunately alot of coyotes on my camera in the last month, with several young pups.

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Tractor Therapy...

Spent bout 8 to 9 hrs in total on tractor this weekend bush hogging plots and interior roads. Started saturday morn at daybreak and quit bout 12:30. Then again this morning at daybreak and finished bout 9:00. Put my ear buds in and cranked up my fav country playlist and enjoyed the time spent on the tractor.

2.5 acre field in front of the cabin that we'll plant in clover n wheat late Sept.
Cabin Pic.jpg

Happy deer. Lot's of white clover in this plot. Bush hogged this morning.
Doe(s) in LL.jpg

This is long linear plot that has lot's of clover in it. We'll plant a combination of daikon radishes and oats this fall. Bush hogging before the sun pops over the trees is the way to go.
Bush hogging LL.jpg

This plot hasn't been planted in 2 years. Had pines thinned in fall of 2015 and spring of 2016. This plot was a mess with a good bit of slash left in it. Tree tubes were over grown with saplings around them. Cleared all the saplings out from around the tree tubes and bush hogged about 8 ft tall dog fennel. Gonna plant clover n wheat in this plot.
E Draw Plot II.jpg

Put this water hole in last March. It's on the northwest corner our our largest field. You can see tree tubes in the background. Those are yates and horse apples grafted this past spring and all doing well. Water hole is bout half full. Another water hole on southeast end of the field in the back ground. Field is 5.5 acres. Took a while to bush hog yesterday.
Water hole.jpg

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Bush hogged trail around beaver pond.
Duck Pond.jpg

These guys wouldn't leave. Paid me no attention as I bush hogged this plot. Lots of white clover in this plot and pigs are helping themselves to it. Took pic from tractor. Should have strapped on my pistol.
Pigs in hour glass.jpg

Moon rise last night. Sat by the fire pit with a nice cold beverage and enjoyed the moon rising as the daylight ended. All in all...a great weekend in Oglethorpe County.
Moon Rise.jpg

Couple of pics from fly fishing Alaska a couple weeks back. Caught lot of trout and a few of these guys. Bears were too close for comfort.



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Great pics of the farm...thanks for sharing. I bet a lot of the world's problems get solved on the back of a tractor. Good stuff

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You need to tote a hog leg around.. for the pesky don't wanna leave.. critters. LoL
Or I would gladly get shed of them for ya.

Beautiful farm.

Beautiful farm there. Lots of good memories being made. Funny those hogs just hung around. I guess they are pretty much everywhere in OC nowadays. We havent seen them in Clouds creek yet, but I am sure it is only a matter of time. We placed several stands this last weekend and checked trailcams, some nice bucks and numerous coyotes as well. Fawns are getting bigger as well. Spots almost gone on some of them. Got club workdays coming up at end of month, so it is getting close.