2017 Oglethorpe County reports

Beautiful plots CCC

The deer are knocking them out it appears. Our plots did great on one club and are struggling on the other. We went 3 weeks without any moisture after our planting so that has caused it to be slow. Hoping the rain will help them out.
I had a great opening weekend. Saw several deer. Had a six pushing a doe Saturday evening. Saw several fresh scrapes that were made between Saturday and Sunday morning. My son saw deer also and a bunch of turkeys. He saw 19 turkeys between Saturday morning and evening hunt.


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We have a similar report from our primitive, NE Oglethorpe camp....VERY gamey out there. The usual suspects including deer, hogs, yotes, coons, etc., were all out in force during daylight hours. The last hour before dark was electric with the New moon. The Whites and Reds were dropping just enough to keep the deer and others moving throughout the property and not SO much mast on the ground that it restricts movement. The only thing that seemed to be missing was the Dawgs game on the radio Saturday but we managed to survive. All in all, it was a relaxing weekend and good chance to recharge the batteries. As usual, nobody was ready to pack up and leave come Sunday afternoon. My oldest and I may try to swing through next Sunday AM for a morning hunt if that cold snap being forecasted hits just right. Other than that, it'll be the following weekend before we get back in earnest. It should be prime time by then.

It's good to see all these posts...thanks for sharing the reports and pics. Good stuff.


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Decent opening weekend for me. 5 deer Saturday morning with one decent 9 point that I decided to pass up. I attached a pic of him. 3 bucks total that hunt. Saturday evening was pretty slow, but one decent 8 came out into the beans. Sunday morning saw 9 deer with a really good 8 point bumping a doe all over the cut, but no shot. Had a 4 point come in to the grunt tube. 3 bucks seen this hunt as well. On one piece of property we hunt I have never seen so much buck sign this early. Scrapes and rubs everywhere. Easily seen 20+ scrapes in just a couple hundred yards. Looking like it might be a promising year.
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Opening morning. Saw 5 does and 4 bucks. One nice 10 point, really young deer though. 3.5 tops. Sunday morning I was skunked! Nothing at all! Good luck to all the OC hunters this year!
Our deer are hammering our food plots right now. Hunted in some oaks where I thought there were going to be acorns and just saw deer passing through to head to plots. We will be lucky to have anything left in them by December at the rate they are going. I will get pics next time I am down. Good luck guys! Thanks to everyone that posts updates.
Hey fellas, shot this 10 pointer on 10/16 cruising for does at 6:30 pm in a foot plot. Have been seeing plenty of deer and rut activity since at my property below Maxeys. Deer have been in the food plots very regularly and have noticed more scrapes over the past week.


Nice buck 092

and Great picture. I snuck down for a couple hunts this week and saw a nice 2.5 YO 7 point cruising and some does and 4 longbeards. Seeing the longbeards really got me pumped to say the least. I hope they make it thru the winter. One of them gobbled about 10 times at a hen over on the next ridge that was cackling. The guys that are hunting this week have reported lots of deer sightings and scrapes showing up everywhere.

On the downside, we got some new neighbors from South Carolina hunting a small 40 acre tract next to us and I had to ask them to remove 3 climbers they had put up on our property. They were friendly, said they did not know where the lines where, they sorta got quiet when I showed them all the yellow posted signs they had walked past to hunt on our side :crazy:

Triple C

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Nice buck and great pic! Won't be too many years and you'll be taking that little feller with you hunting.

Weird year for me...lots and lots of travel and very little hunting time. Had one sit all year back in archery season. Getting updates from the crew. Lots of sightings but everything's getting a pass right now. Hope to make it down tomorrow afternoon.
Back from camp...

Seen deer every sit, no bucks moving in my neck of woods, only does. Saw more turkeys and have a big hog on a trail camera in the Sandy Cross area. Lot of scrapes and rubs showing up but no bucks for me. Nothing harvested on either club as far as I know, but lots of shooting Saturday in Sandy Cross, not much in Smithsonia.


Sat opening morning til 12. Saw one doe, 6 turkeys , and a bobcat. Sat yesterday afternoon and saw 3 does. No bucks yet on turner hill rd, but had some promising pics on the camera, mostly at night. Hopefully this weekend they will start chasing. Just glad to be back in the woods!


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Great Deer, 092....and love little man's suspenders!

It's been real tough sitting on the sidelines this week during the brief cold snap. I'm sure the deer were feeling frisky. We'll get back after 'em this weekend. Safe hunting, everyone!
Just climbed up this morning hoping to see some movement around here. Haven't seen much activity yet this season. Wish it was about 20 degrees cooler! What has everyone seen around the county rut wise? We haven't seen much around here yet.


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You guys have a great thread going. I keep a check on it as I hunt just outside of rayle across the line. Not able to make it this weekend so looking forward to the weekend reports.


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We hunt just south of the river off 77. We border the north side of Sanders. We hunted last weekend and saw about 50 deer. Mostly does and a few young bucks. We’ve got some really nice bucks on camera but haven’t seen any during shooting hours yet. Glad it’s finally doe days.

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I don't post a lot anymore and this is for my buddies in the OC forum. Wild day but tagged first GA buck today and put hook a rack to use. Haven't been in touch with y'all for a spell. Wishing yall the same success.