2017 Turkey Smack Talk


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Ben has a special call when I'm with him. I think it says in turkey talk. Get out of dodge. Run for your life. The man is here to break your wings & legs off.
Boys n girls, team 9's been stompin on some turkey throats.

We all gonna have to kill the heck outta some multi bearded birds with 15" beards and 3" spurs if we gonna have a chance to catch up.

Them's some sho nuff natural born turkey killas. :shoot::shoot:

Team 20 - let's git r dun.
I'm hunting confused birds.

Have been trying for the past couple of weeks to help a friend that's trying to get his first bird. Thought we were on track this morning.

Saw 4 gobblers traveling together right after daylight. Zero interest in our offering.

I'm thinking they were headed to a pride parade out in the meadow - dang bunch gobblers that don't want anything to do with a hen.


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Bubba I had one do the same thing last year. A hen was at one end of the field yelping back at me while he was at other end of field. He walked away from both us gobbling his head off.:huh::huh:
Do not breathe easy yet y'all!!!!!!!!!!!!! Team Gobble BOOM is making a comeback!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope Y'all had an awesome Easter weekend!



“Rabbit Man”
No smack talk and no gobbling either. They certainly shut down in my area.
I am checking out, I have a cyst in my right ankle bone, walking is a complicated issue. Just spent five days at my lease using my buddies golf cart and only heard two different birds gobble two-three times each. I am optimistic at the number of jakes though and hope they stay around for next year.
Enjoyed this, will be back next year...time to go talk to the doctor about surgery etc....