2017 Turkey Smack Talk


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I ain't a judge but it don't look too complicated to me.

Out of 3 entries, one used the wrong kind of tape (supposed to use a 1" tape), one didn't have the complete beard or tape showing and one did it just like they were supposed to (actually think BKW might shorted herself a little on her measurement by not putting the tape all the way to the base of the beard).
U sure your not a judge. I have my suspicions now.

Driving home for the weekend. 100 miles before Dallas. Be home tonite around 10. :banana:
Going to get the random draw set up. GL to all.
Well guys it was enjoyable! Hope everyone had a safe and memorable season! Until next year, go catch some fish. Thanks Kmac for running the gig and to all the judges. Sho' was fun!