2017 Wilkes County

Checked trees on my place with binoculars today. Very little white oaks. Actually only one of seven white oaks had any acorns that I could see. All red oaks had some but looked small and not loaded.
Muscadines were loaded and saw a good bit of purple ones that fell last rain storm. Persimmons looking good too.
Early bow season I'll be in area with muscadines. Hopefully food plots will do better this fall so the deer will have something to eat on my place.
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Sorry to hear about your camera.

I plan on planting the week before bow season. Hopefully the rain will continue into the fall. I am going to go put my lock ons back up soon and I will check the hardwoods for some acorns.
Walked around my place yesterday and didn't see much food on the ground. Persimmons were dropping already. Not sure why there is no acorns or muscadines? Had a picture of a decent 8 pointer out of velvet.
We hunted opening weekend and saw several deer on Saturday. Mostly does and 1 buck. I did find white oaks dropping in a couple of areas. Sunday morning the wind had picked up from Irma moving in and no sightings then. Hopefully there will still be some acorns on the trees, but I don't know if they could've withstood those high winds. Good luck to all and hunt safe.
I've noticed a huge drop in deer pictures last few weeks. I'm sure it's because acorns are falling and deer are traveling in different areas they were all summer. Did get first pic of a big buck a few nights ago. I haven't been down in about 3 weeks but will be down next weekend.
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I rattled in this young 10pt yesterday morning about 9:45am. He came in fast and looking for the fight. He presented me with a 23 yard broad side shot but I let him walk. He looked 2.5 to me. Real skinny body and not filled out. He should be something good if he can survive a few more years.

I’ve been getting pictures of a real nice 9 point every night at my cam in camp. Got him on one other cam on south of property one evening just after dark. Hunted his run line a few days ago and saw one spike that evening. A couple other new young bucks have shown up in last week. Hoping the big 11 pointer from last season shows up soon. Last year I started getting pictures of him in mid October and he stayed around until mid January and disappeared.
The bushnells use ATT. Their map shows no coverage but I have two of them and have no problems with them sending pics down there. One is even down in the swamp and it sends pics just fine. I could not text a pic from my phone using Verizon anywhere on that land.
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Okay, I had ATT back in the day and the service was terrible. I get LTE on my property with Verizon so ATT should work there now.

I looked at the map and its looking like .5 fell in Tignall on my plots. I would have thought more. Was going to go up tomorrow but its calling for rain all day.