2017 Wilkes County

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The rain gauge said 1.5" for that storm front on my plots. I just wish I was off during the week next week with this cold front coming in.
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Any reports of deer movement from this weekend? I am stuck at work and probably wont get to go until this weekend when it warms up.
They were running hard. I watched 5 bucks running 2 does yesterday morning. They were on their feet about all day yesterday. I took off next week as 8 thru 10 when I get most activity. Wish had took first of this week off. Between 2 of us we seen around 30 deer this weekend.
You fellows been seeing anything. Friend of mine killed 135 ten point last week right before full moon. Hopefully this weekend will be good. Checked my camera and 5th was most chasing I caught. Of course it was at night. Good luck and be safe.
Movement seemed to drop off after Nov 1st. That last week in October they were wide open. Cooler weather should get em moving a little better and I’m sure there is still some does coming into heat. I hunted hard Nov 3rd-5th and killed a 10 point but saw very little movement and no chasing. I’m headed down at 4am for a morning hunt.
Saw a spike and a couple does yesterday morning. Checked cams and did have a good one in front of stand Wed morning in the daylight. Had a few pics from last week of does running past camera and I’m kicking myself to not have them set to video so I could see what was chasing them.
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Earlier this week when I checked my camera's the younger bucks were running but didn't see any does in the pics. The one I want ran by my stand at 8:30am. Hopefully going in the morning.
I’ve had a good bit of daytime movement of mature bucks on camera in the last several days. A few nights ago had a picture of two monsters fighting.

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We got to the club the weekend of the 11th and 12th. Saw small and medium bucks chasing in the open. Heard fighting and grunting and chasing in the thickets.
Diddnt see much action, just calm does and small bucks the 13th, 14th, 15th. Then the 16th-19th we saw and heard big bucks chasing and grunting.
We left the 19th.
I hope there's a little more action this thanksgiving weekend!
Good luck yall!