2018 example pics (PLEASE READ)


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Posting these example pics for Kmckinnie. This is how he wants the picture verification's done and the bonus pictures done for this season.

3 methods for verification that can be used is either a newspaper, cell phone or ipad. You will need 1 pic of you and the whole bird showing the fan or the beard with date verification. 1 close up of the bird and the date verification. The date needs to be clear and legible for the judges.

Birds with multiple beards will need a close up picture of the multiple beards at the base near the skin along with the date verification.

Bonus pictures of the spurs and beard need the date verification in them as well. As stated in the rules NO CLOTH TAPES will be allowed. If you have a 1'' tape measure they work better for clarification in the bonus pics.

This season the spur bonus pics need to be measured starting with the 1'' mark and not the end of the tape measure.

The measurement of the beards for bonus points will be the same as in the past with the end of the tape where the beard starts. The end of the tape must be visible where the beard starts to get credit.

These pics represent the guidelines for the 2018 season.


  • newspaper entry 1.jpg
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Probably a dumb question, but do the pics with the date have to be in the field. Or can we do pics in the field and then pics with a newspaper or something with a date back at the house


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When you get back to camp or the house you can take the pics when you have everything you need to take some good pics with the date verification. Those will be the only pics you need to submit. Just take your pics like the ones in the examples and you will be good to go.


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Folks good luck to everyone this season.Just to make sure everyone is on the same page please look at the example pics before taking you kill pics and bonus pics and entering them. These pics are the way yours should look. The judges will be tougher this season than last so pay attention to detail. Nothing worse than seeing someone not getting the points because they didn't follow directions. Text your pics to your teammates or post them on your team thread and make sure the team agrees with your pics before posting in the weekly kill thread. The date has to be shown in the pics and pics need to be clear and readable. Good luck!!