2018 Poult Report


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Have seen 3 hens several times that have 6 with them. Another hen has 1 poult with her but most hens I have seen do not have any with them. Crawford county.
Same story as last year... Poults are gone and just got lonesome hens...the deck is stacked against them around here!


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Saw 3 grown Hens with 6 or 7 half grown poults here at my house this morning and then a hen with a couple quail sized poults on my hunting club about lunch time. This was in Oglethorpe county.


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Went to the leases yesterday morning and had hen's and poults in every direction to and from the food plots up and down the roads,2 hens watched as we pulled up on the side of road with bitty size to flying poults (10-15) then on lease #2 we seen 5 different hens with 7-10 poults each and 3 long beards on the last food plot just feeding like no one was watching. The rain has been heavy this year in South Georgia and we were surprised to see as many poults survived this year with all the rain. Keeping the Predators under control for 5 years and food plots sure has helped over all. Hopefully next season should be another good one as this past season was.And the deer know it been a Full moon and feeding all nights from all the tracks on the roads.

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Got a few pictures recently of a hen with eight poults. There still very small so it must have been a late nest. Regardless, happy to see them and hope they make it. IMG_1508.JPG IMG_1509.JPG IMG_1510.JPG
Saw a hen with a 2-3 poults on the side of the road off 87 north several times over the summer. Bumped another hen with 2-3 large poults out of a tree on Ocmulger WMA two weeks ago.