***2018 Turkey Challenge Rules***


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This is a turkey hunting contest that is open to woody’s members that where registered before Feb. 1 2018
No minimum post count.
Deadline to sign up , March,3 2018 at midnite by forum clock. ;-)

** Members will be randomly drawn 2nd weekend in March.

-Each team will consist on three randomly drawn members. A three member team will be allowed to enter up to 7 birds.

-Each team member may enter up to 3 birds max until the teams limit is reached (birds can be entered that are harvested from any state or North America. Canada or Mexico)

-A bird can be entered that is killed legally and recovered the same day as shot by the member.

-Each team will be granted one "wildcard" bird that does not fall under the "5 day rule" and/or can replace a previously entered bird. You get ONE....use it wisely. There will be a special "Wild Card" thread to post those turkeys in.

You have 5 days from kill to decide as a team whether a bird will count towards your score. If it's posted up....it gets scored and counted. So talk to your teammates before you post!

Points will be awarded as follows

Adult gobblers = 5 points
Jakes= 2points

Adult standards for this contest will be any gobbler with a 6 inch beard or longer...If it's close, a picture with a ruler/tape will be needed to verify...In the rare case that an adult gobbler has beard rot, a picture of the spurs laying on a newspaper to verify the date or a picture of a FULL fan and date verification will be accepted. It will be the judges’ decision to whether or not the gobbler is an adult. The team with the highest number of points at the end of the competition will win. *NO Cloth Tapes Allowed*

Photos taken for beard or spur bonus points should include the same "date verification" piece (such as cell phone, Ipad, newspaper etc) along with enough of the bird, to verify dates and that beard and legs are still attached to the turkey. Photos that don't make this reasonably clear will not be accepted.

** Bonus Points...

Beard Points:

Any gobbler killed that has a 10 inch beard or longer will earn 1 bonus point.

A beard of 11 inches or longer will earn 2 bonus points.

A beard of 12 inches or longer will earn 3 bonus points

Multi-beard turkeys will receive one extra point (regardless of beard length and regardless of jake or adult.) Must have a pic to clearly show the base of the beards.

3 strands of the beard are required to hit that length to qualify for the extra points. All entries will be reviewed and approved by the judges.

Spur Points:

Any gobbler killed that has a 1 1/4 inch spur or longer will earn 2 bonus points.

Any gobbler killed that has a 1 1/2 inch spur or longer will earn 3 bonus points.

Extra pictures will be needed to verify the bonus points (Close-ups against a ruler to show length or beard, spurs and multi's). As stated above the same item used for date verification should be included in the pics. Once you submit your bird for bonus points that is it...There will be no PM's sent this year asking you for better pictures. You have 24 hours from the time you post your original pic to edit that pic...After that it’s set. The gobbler must still be completely intact (beard, legs, and fan attatched) in the pics.

** To make it fair for everyone, the contest will run along with the Georgia season March 24 To May 15th
though turkeys can be killed in any state.

** All members will have 5 days to submit a kill (So last day to submit a kill is May 20th). A current newspaper will be used to verify the date or you may also verify the date of your kill with a cell phone...The date MUST be visible and CLEAR for all to see...You have 24 hrs to edit your pics after you post them. If you edit your post after that the post is void.

** Each member will need to submit 2 pictures per kill. (More pics are needed for bonus points)

#1 -- Picture of hunter, turkey, and newspaper/phone. (make sure we can identify you. Make sure we can see that it’s an adult gobbler. (full fan or make sure we can see the beard in the pic). YOUR FACE MUST BE VISIBLE IN THE PICTURE OF THE HUNTER WITH BIRD. The gobbler must still be completely intact (beard, legs, and fan attatched) in the pics. If we receive a pic where it can't be made out that it is an adult gobbler, you will receive points credit for a jake...

#2 -- Close-up picture of the date for verification.

Longest beard and spur competition:
There will be separate threads started in the turkey challenge forum for longest beard and longest spur. The first person to enter a bird this year should enter into the spur and beard categories. After that, you’re only allowed to enter a bird if it beats or ties the previous bird. Pictures must be clear and unmistakable. This will eliminate everyone wondering who is leading the "longest" categories. The bird has to be accepted in the team entry to be eligible for the spur and beard category. Once again, once you enter your bird, there will be no PM's sent if the pictures are not right...The bird will be deleted and disqualified.


These are the rules. They will not be changed. We have a strict “no whining” policy the same as last year. You are welcome to voice concerns to me via PM. I will hear you out, talk to the other judges and make a final decision as fairly as possible. Do not PM the Mods/Admins with issues in the challenge.

After that, the matter is closed and if you continue to complain you will be removed from your team and they will be a man down.

Make sure you read the rules and understand them. Last year there were several birds to be disqualified due to members simply not following the rules. Especially on taking pics of what is required to be in the pics. Before you sign up make sure that you are clear on the rules.

I will make a post with some example pics for everyone to look at as well.

***Note*** This year we will be looking at the measurements for bonus point closer.
Thank you for playing.

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