2018 Unicoi vendors list

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Here is a vendor list:
Al & Josh Shoemaker
Anthony Ellis
Billy Buice
Billy Macallister
Bob and Michael Buckner
Bob Harwell
Brandon Washington
Brian Lawter
Chad Scruggs
Dan Harris
Darrell Gibson & Daryal Gosey
Darrin Dawkins
David Anderson
Dean Mundhenke
Dickie Champion
Doug Morgan
Duncan Dobie
Ed Jenkins
Fred Cox
Gene Gardner
Harold and Derick Fowler
Herb McClure
Hoyt Brown
Irving Whitt
Jamey Rex
Jeff Erb
Jeff Lacey
Jeff McKamey
Jeremy Stafford
Jody Harrison & Jackie Lea
John Dangerfield
Joseph Martin
Kelly Puckett
Kevin Cantrell
Kevin Dorsey
Kevin Farr
Kevin Kirkpatrick
Kevin Poschel
Kyle Osborne
Lamar Williams
Lee Chadwick
Lon Trice
Mark McPhail
Mark Prodomme
Mark Sharpe
Marlin Watkins
Matt McLain
Melvin Newman
Mike Lapp (and Company)
Olin Humphries
Richard Hudson
Robert Glover
Ron Watters
Russell Beard
Scott Vieting
Steve Mann
Tim Bullock
Tim Sanford
Tony Quarino
Wayne Hendrix
Wendell Lancaster
Will Dutton
William Lambert.

Unicoi does have just a few rooms left. If you are wanting to stay at the lodge, I'd recommend giving them a call soon. Don't book online. Give them a call and press "0" for the operator. Their online booking isn't the greatest in the world and it may show they are booked. The promo code is "Unicoi Turkey Show" for the discount. 1-800-573-9659
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