2018 Wilkes County

I hope your right. I had all my stands hung on isolated oaks last year. Then they didn't produce at all. Really set me back.

We are planning to plant on September 8th. When are yall going to do winter plots?
My plan is to spray, lime and fertilize august. Plow, drag and plant Sept 8th. If all things fall into place just right with my schedule. I usually try to be done with tractor work by opening day bow season but next few weeks gonna be busy and not sure if I’ll get many opportunities.
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The row of white oaks that couldn't get cut are producing. I bush hogged all this past weekend. Dove field got sprayed this week and we will burn it off soon. Got one picture of two nice bucks. I am just hoping opening day of bow season will dip down into the high 50's like last season.
I hope you get him.

Heading down tonight. Going to spray some new plots and trim the roads.
Saw several deer opening weekend despite the hot weather, 3 little bucks and does with fawns. Had a chance to shoot a doe at 10 am sunday morning but really didnt wont to fool with it because of the heat. Food plots need rain bad,but deer numbers seem good this year.
Congrats Bspitts!

I spent the first two weeks of September in Colorado. I'm headed to the club this weekend. Are the white oaks falling yet?
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Looks like this Hurricane will bring much needed rain this week. Cooler temps showing for this weekend. I'm ready to be in a tree with the temps below 70.
Yes sir! Gonna be down Saturday for sons youth rifle hunt. Plots should be coming up good after rain. Haven’t hunted but two mornings in Wilkes so far because of heat this year.