2018 Wilkes County

I got skunked on Saturday. I did see 3 Sunday morning. Could have killed a spike with the bow. There are almost no acorns on the tract I hunted. A few water oaks is it. The others I looked at don't have any. There's no white oaks on that tract though.
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I got skunked too. Did get a picture of the one I have been watching for 3 years Tuesday morning at 6:40am. Hoping he slips up this year. Sorry about the crappy picture, I took a pic of the monitor.


New bucks are arriving daily on camera at my place. Acorns are everywhere. Between 3 cameras set on five minute intervals, I’m getting between 100-200 pictures every 24 hours. Son finally tagged his first deer Saturday after hunting hard last two seasons. Going back with rest of family next weekend and then I will be hunting hard starting Oct 27th.
Acorns dropping good on our place, certain white oaks are loaded and swamp oaks to. Bucks starting to lay down sign to. Buddy killed a 9 pointer saturday evening with his bow and his hocks were black. Rut just around the corner, seems they are getting started a little bit early this year.
Was really quite today around my neck of the woods. Seen a few does and couple small bucks. Heard about a really big 10 that was killed this afternoon, but no pictures. Good luck to all.
Over all we had a good opening weekend. I got skunked on Saturday again. I did see 4 Sunday morning. Watched a 4 pointer thrash a bush. On club member saw one of the shooters, but the wind got him before the buck cleared some brush.
Very slow opening weekend for us as far as seeing deer! we worked on the hogs and coyote's. Five hogs and three coyote went down between four guys hunting, cant complain about that. Good luck to all this week.
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My cousin texted me and said a nice buck was pushing two does across the driveway of my property Monday. Hopefully I'll get a glimpse of him this weekend.
Should be a really good weekend, we are getting some much needed rain and been getting a lot more trail cam pics of some good ones. Good luck to all this weekend!
We had mixed results this weekend as far as sightings go. Two of our teenagers scored. One shot a nice 8 point and the other a big doe.

I did see a big buck crossing the road about 30 minutes after dark Sunday.
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Still seeing alot of does together with fawns also. Small buck came in and pushed a doe with a fawn but not hard. Seeing some rubs but haven't found a scrap yet. What are yall seeing?
Was down this weekend hunting on delhi rd., I got a nice 12 pointer and there were 4 more killed nice 8 by a lady her first deer. The deer I shot was behind a doe and his hocks were black and you could smell him from 10 feet or more

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We had a great year in Wilkes!
Like usual our bigger bucks were out in mid Nov. Wife got a 18" outside 4yr old 8pt checkin scrapes on the 16th, and my son got a 14" 3yr old 8pt chasin a doe on the 18th. Both beautiful healthy bucks!
Very excited about how many medium size bucks are on trail camera this year!!!!
Had one giant on trail camera we named "ice age buck". I think one member saw him chasing but not clear for a shot. Other than that nobody saw him.
Lot's of turkey on trail cam too! Can't wait for March!
Id don't kill a deer because I just never saw the right one at the right time. I saw plenty. I'm a little disappointed that I didn't even see a good buck. Our club had a god year though. We ended up with 6 bucks killed. 3 of them were above average for our club.

One of our propertys had a big section thinned. It is covered up in turkey sign I'm excited about it. The last couple of years these turkeys have spent most of there time in the cow pastures next door. I hope they hang around more on my side this year.
Corey needs to start the 2019 Wilkes thread now. We got 2 bucks and 2 does off my place last season. I’ve got pictures of a few button heads, 2 one yr old bucks, 3 two yr old bucks and 1 three yr old buck that made it through season along with a few doe fawns and several mature does. Next season should be good! Got lots of gobblers hanging around food plots right now. Hope they stay close next couple months. So far I’ve trapped 6 opossums, 4 coons and one bobcat. No luck coyote hunting. Hogs where coming through in December but no sign of them in over a month. Going down tomorrow afternoon to thin the squirrels out a little.