2019/2020 Trapping Ride Along

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Just started my trapline for the season on Monday. Trapping quail plantations in south and central GA as usual. Rain and heat has had catch totals low, but a few quality catches so far. First coyote was a male. I converted the dirt hole that caught the male to a flat set, and set a new dirt hole on the outer edge of the catch circle. Had the female in both traps the next morning. The MB 550 had her from her ankle to her knee. First for me. I have found that setting a new, clean trap on the outer edge of the catch circle greatly increases the chance of catching another coyote. I will update this thread all season. 814887A9-CC3D-416D-8F64-E2CB54AA7245.jpeg C8FFDD1F-F6BA-4B0E-BF5C-E9C1E1C53D14.jpeg B0AA4120-2C5A-41FA-9BDA-887E787E86E4.jpeg
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Mark K

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Think she was already caught in the paw catch and maybe laid down on the other trap? About the only way I can play it in my head. Unless she was kneeling down to sneak on the dirt hole.
Great catches!
And thanks for posting!
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Pics from the last few days. Had 4 waiting on me this morning. Week has been a little slow, but have caught 7 since Monday. Cooler weather paying off. Most caught in basic dirt holes or flat sets with a softball size rock as a backing. I never touch my traps or rebait after a rain. I only give them a squirt of urine. I set fresh traps on the outside of all the catch circles.

DB87B233-8A55-4015-940D-1DA80D68220B.jpeg F8D1370F-CD45-4DA1-A06E-120BD5755D12.jpeg 486E9C1D-8E86-4A6D-B994-DA5B20BB95F9.jpeg 98BF14DE-B995-4D6E-8C34-470B3E8F41C8.jpeg
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They are a heavy, very well built trap. I have some pan tension issues from time to time, but that is mostly my fault because I do not wax my traps.
A dab of bow string wax on the trigger works wonders on those K9 Extremes...very cheap and easy to do, I keep a tube in my trapping bucket. Tight chains!!