2019 Oglethorpe County


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I am not an expert by no means but I suspect a large portion of your turkey hatches are in the stomachs of those pigs. What do the biologist say about that?
Today (Sunday) was a little different than yesterday. Heard at least 6 birds and one was ON FIRE! bet he gobbled 200 times on the roost. but only gobbled maybe 5 times once he hit the ground so I went after another bird i had heard on the roost that I kinda figured I knew where he was. There we're 2 gobbling when I got there and sealed the deal on this one around 8:45 IMG_4894.PNG IMG_4895.PNG
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Beautiful weekend to be in the woods, Congrats to those who had some luck. Heard zero birds on Saturday AM. Heard several birds on Sunday AM on a different property, had several close, just couldn't seal the deal. It was just great being back down in OC for a weekend. Gonna try it a couple more weekends, then start fishing trout streams in the mountains and some bass on Lanier.
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