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Finished up turkey season yesterday with bittersweet emotions. Part of me was ready for some rest and the other part just wanted to see one more die. I made a little collage of my season, one of my most memorable. Years ago I wanted to hunt alone until I killed my limit and then I would help others. Now I care more about helping others more then killing myself. I was able to help Keith Grisco kill his 1st ever limit this year. Was also able to put my good friend Chad on a really nice gobbler. My ole eyes are fading on me and I will definitely have to make a change before next season. I wound up shooting (at) 4 gobblers this season. Killing 2 , wounding one, and missing one. Definitely was a good year for hearing turkeys and calling them in. I called close to 20 into within 50 or so yards . I passed on several shots that I would have killed birds in years past just because I didn't feel confident with my eyes. Anyways, here's looking to 2021! FB_IMG_1589668708258.jpg
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Terrific season Brandon, was definitely different for me for several reasons. I could have killed a Jake, that was it, had birds close several times, but couldn't get them close enough. Neighbors wore the birds out around us on one property. It seemed like a lot more hunters in the woods this year, I guess people getting more opportunity to hunt instead of work due to Covid. I know you already looking towards next season.
Well boys, the Covid-19 has taken it's toll on me without even catching it. The automotive industry is at a stand still so my job has laid about 90% of us off . I have been told I will be called back but it could be 2 months or longer. I will be able to draw unemployment and I have a little money saved up. I'll be getting my commercial fishing license and selling catfish this summer to add some more income. Over 23 years with my company and a virus shuts down our country. I don't want to downplay it completely but I'm thinking it's not near as serious as it's been made out in the media.
@Arrow3 sorry to hear this. After all the years, it must be hard to stomach. Keep your chin up, man.

I will gladly take you a hog to the Meat Shed and have some cuts made that will sustain you and the Mrs. All on me. Seeking nothing in return. Just gotta kill one first. ;)
Todd that is mighty generous of you . Shows what kind of man you are but please let me pay for the meat or trade it out in fish. I'm planning on having a pile soon.

I have been wanting one done after eating the meat that you gave me.

Worrying about you killing a hog is about like wondering if the sun is gonna come up...It's gonna happen 😃

Once again, super nice of you and I thank you friend.
Dang B!! So sorry to hear this! If there's anything I can do to help you through this I'll be here for ya!
Thank you Jason. I'm hoping the economy will rebound and we will be right back to work. Thankfully I can draw unemployment right now with the 600 per week stimulus added on. I think that runs out in July. I was about to buy a new gun a few weeks back when I kinda heard what may happen with us so I definitely held off. Not spending any extra money anytime soon. Me and Jessica have always blew money going out to eat and we have been saving on that since the pandemic. Ive also paid off a couple of bills that's gonna put some extra money in my account every month (good timing) . We are going to be fine regardless. Even if times get hard (real bad) I've been putting money in 401k since I was 21 and can fall back on that as a last resort.

Hey, if it gets bad enough I'll just open up all hunting seasons 😁😁

Luckily my wife's job at the newspaper looks pretty solid. Only problem there is our health insurance is through my company but we'll figure it out if it comes down to needing that.

I'm one of those "country folks" Hank sang about. Im gonna survive 😃
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Sorry to hear Brandon, hopefully this thing will end soon and people can get back to work. I am sure between you and Todd, you would never go hungry, LOL.... I've seen yall's work. Good luck with the fishing, the river sure was muddy when I crossed it this afternoon headed home from working in OC the last 2 days.