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Anything newsworthy going on in OC? I got nothing other than seeing a lot of fawns this year and more rabbits that I've ever seen in my life. Too freakin' hot to want to do anything outside other than ride around and shoot the occasional pig. Brooks bought a .22 mag 2 years ago and that thing is a pig slaying machine. Got 2 sows with piglets Saturday afternoon. Hoping the yotes run down the piglets.
Made it down to our OC property this past sunday to spray our foodplot areas for this year and put out some salt blocks, corn, and cameras. Ill probably give them 2-3 weeks before checking them. Seems like the deer trails were more beat down at this time this summer than last, or maybe that's just me getting excited. Plan to get the food plots in the ground at the end of August again this year. I will be praying for rain... after the dove opener.
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I captured Blake's information on my cell phone via his facebook page. I have used the gentlemen from Monroe for tracking down a couple over the last 10 years, glad to know there is someone really close now. I had to run down to my SC club last Thursday and give a tour to a prospective member, we had several openings, which is rare. The logging / thinning of our club is going full blast, was told they will be off the property in late August, which is great, no interference with deer season. They have definitely opened it up in many areas. Even with Permanone, the dang chiggers ate me up. I hate them things. Told myself not going back down until Labor day weekend just to avoid those critters. I have been spending time in the NE GA mountains chasing trout. Beautiful scenery and it is much cooler up that way. And some good eating, getting the freezer stocked up, love them on the grill. trout.jpg Waterfall.jpg
Went up to Coopers creek and Rock creek myself last week, kinda surprised at the amount of people up there before the weekend, didn't catch as many as you did BD , I guess I'm out of practice ,, lol N.Ga mtns are probably my favorite place to go during the summer, it was 66 degrees the morning I got there, never got above 75 all day around the streams,

Then two days later I was in OC, world of difference ! hot, dry ! got some work done though, still have more to do before bow season though
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Yes Steve, it is crazy packed all week long now, I guess the Covid-19 has people out of work and giving them opportunity to fish more. Sometimes you got to carry your own rock to stand on ;) It was 73 when I drove thru Cleveland last evening at 8:30. Got home and it was 83. I am thinking more and more we will move up that way in a couple of years as we hit retirement.
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Not o.c. related but I took a trip to Yosemite last week. First time. What beautiful country. The phrase "pictures don't do it justice" has never been more true. Some of that place is truly mesmerizing. We did a 6.5 round trip hike, climbing 4700 feet in elevation. My legs still haven't recovered...
Really Nice Rick, we had plans on hitting Yellowstone, Jackson Hole, Grand Tetons over Memorial day week, but Covid decided otherwise. Thankfully we got all our $$$ back we had in plane fare, hotels and variety of other costs. Planning for next year now, got to use the plane tickets within one year apparently.