2021 Oglethorpe County


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I was off Fri, Sat, and Sun and didn't take a bow to the woods one single time.

I took my Venezuelan buddy Ronald this morning and sat in a blind with him. We had a 115 incher cross about 80 yards out but that was it.

Shooting a early buck kills your motivation to go 🤣


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Lots of fun at the lease today.

We put 800 pounds of triple 19 and 800 pounds of winter wheat in five club food plots. Few more bags in some small personal plots.

Put new straps on the ladder stands and hung safety ropes.

Good morning to work although it did start to get warm around noon.

Good rain forecasted for early next week.
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Spent yesterday in OC finalizing everything for next weekend. Stands checked, roads bushhogged, shooting lanes trimmed, little corn distributed, food plots planted, cameras deployed, ML zeroed... Time to hunt, be down Friday evening.... GL to all you OC hunters, been a long 9 months.