2021 Oglethorpe County

My brother and I went down to OC to check cameras, put out feed, and move a stand. The food plots look good, plenty of tracks in them. Saw my first rubs and scrapes of the year. Still have yet to get a shooter on camera yet, but if I had to guess that will change within the next camera pull (hopefully). Looking forward to seeing how the season unfolds!

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Got an old timer Woody's member - Al33 coming down tomorrow to trad bow hunt thru the weekend. Al makes his own bows, cane arrows and knaps his own stone points and is a killing machine. Hooked up with Al after I bought my Black Widow recurve back in 2014 or 15. Great guy and been chasing critters for bout all his 70 plus years. Looking forward to his visit and hopefully whacking a deer or 2 over the next few days.
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Good luck this weekend Guys, headed down this evening, sounds like we will have a full camp at our place. Weather Saturday appears to be suspect at this point, windy, but much colder. My cameras are not showing me a whole lot to be excited about, but you just never know what may walk up on you, heck I am hoping a pig or two show up, checked with both Greg's and Firetower and they are both taking hogs UNTIL the deer numbers get to high. Similar to last year.
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Another fine weekend in the OC. Camp and hunting were outstanding. No kills in camp this weekend. We did have a full camp, at least on Friday night and Saturday. Most left to head home or to Athens to watch UGA play ball. The cold weather this AM had the deer moving big time, between 5 of us, still in camp, we saw over 20 deer, I think 7 were bucks on their feet. Be back next weekend, hope to see some pictures here in next few weeks. Any of you seeing any whiteoaks, it appears there are none at both my places this year.
Good opening weekend. Saw 7 does, a spike, and a huge yote (couldn’t get my gun up quick enough for a shot) on Saturday morning in on our Oglethorpe property. Finally got some pictures of a few shooter bucks (y). Made the drive over to a buddies property in Oconee Co. Saturday after the morning hunt to watch the Dawgs, camp, and hunt. Cooked out and sat around the fire and enjoyed the beautiful evening. Hunted this morning and shot a yote and saw a young 7 point. Overall a great weekend, can’t wait for the next. 4091253D-6783-45AC-8971-6C3BD95E3095.jpeg F8D5C733-5AAB-4719-B950-D24880E53A09.jpeg
Don't often post, but thought this was worthy. Found this morning while cutting lanes on the tractor. About 4.5' long View attachment 1096360
Reading back thru thread and came across this post. I know it's been asked before but has anyone encountered timber rattlers north of Hwy 78? In 11 years we've never ran across a timber rattler or water moccasin around the Palmetto area. Only 1 copperhead in all those years and we're on the property just about every week. Still doesn't keep me from wearing snake boots.
Back in the early to mid 80's one of our members killed a Rattlesnake on our property,, the same piece we still hunt today,,, I don't know that it was a Timber Rattler , but I assume it was, it was about 3ft long, he wanted to skin it to get a hat band made, but it stunk so bad he quit partway through.

Haven't seen one since, and I don't believe we've seen any copperheads either, though I'm sure they are there !
Also back in the late 70's, I want to say the 77/78 deer season, we leased a small tract of land up hwy 22 somewhere around Sandy Cross rd, before we started leasing the property we now hunt, the road into the small tract had an old granite quarry off of it,, wasn't running, and there was a crane in the bottom of the pit, pit was full of water, we were told by the guy we leased from there was a good many Rattlesnakes in the area,, although we never saw any,, we only hunted that tract that one year, and then started leasing what we have now.