2021 Oglethorpe County

Took the famiy up on Saturday...even drug mom (wife) up! We got the fire bucket rolling for her so she settled in quite nicely.:wink: My youngest two had a ball on the atv and my oldest got his tent put away before the pollen bomb hits...and/or some late season wintry precip. destroys it. I piddled with the camper and pulled some cams. I had one stealth cam grow legs and walk off...only second one to get stolen over the years. Not an expensive cam but was most surely the one I was most interested in looking at. Oh well...life happens. I did get some interesting pics from the bone pile:bounce:. A who's who of every varmint scavenger in the vicinity. Most of my cams died in January so no recent turkey intelligence. I did have a good many from late November on cam. There is a nice double bearded Tom with nice hooks running around with two subordinates. Sure would love to have a dance with him come March.:rockon:. All in all it was great therapy for the soul to get out there. We'll be back in a few weeks.
went up yesterday to pull my cams out of the woods, they're going to do a controlled burn in the next few weeks, but kudos to whoever ran the dozer they cut fire breaks with, he cut a fire break around my tower stand and around my trough feeder ,,, very cool of him ! whoever he may be !

Hogs are still hanging out in our thick young pines, got a good sized spotted sow on camera and a bunch of little ones, couple of decent sized boars roaming around also, @ Todd E

Never did get a good shooter buck on camera, but I've got a few 6pts and various other small bucks that survived the season.

Good many turkeys on cam also, not sure how the controlled burn will affect their movement during the upcoming season though.
A lot of cabin fever lately.

Folks in woods all over OC. :)
Same here. Wife n I went down Friday. Saturday morn I took her to an area she had never been to on the farm.

Any of you guys that may have duck hunted on my place back in the day when it was owned by a timber company would have passed this monarch of a pine on the way back to the beaver pond in the SE corner of the property. It is an exceptionally large pine. I have no idea how old it is but would guess at least 125 yrs...maybe older. It is my favorite tree on the property.
AC6048DF-18D8-4EC8-B996-805CB2675C01.jpeg 24435438-E6FC-4687-BEAA-4F774A786EE4.jpeg

We made it back to this beaver pond. Cool sit. Still has remnants of an old duck blind on the edge.
I’m waiting on Georgia Forestry to cut fire breaks and ultimately burn. So far “it’s been too wet.” Not patiently waiting. Met with them last week of 2020 year and had hopes all done before turkey. Mmm.