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Congrats Todd on the nice bird and nice bass AC, I gotta make it over to the new place and cast a few times someday. You know Trout fishing is my favorite, but nothing wrong with a pond bass every once in a while. Stayed home this weekend, doing honey doos and playing golf with the boys. Been a wonderful weekend, hope to get back to OC next weekend.

Todd E

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I got humbled tonight on field pigs. I'm more accustom to woods shooting in the dark. More accustom to long range field shooting.. in daylight.. off my field pod. This sneaking around in the dark with a lite tripod.....let's just say I may need to research a death grip pod. This was embarrassing. lol But I'm not afraid to share it. It was still fun as all get out. Back to the night time shooting bench to check the 150-175 range with the 6.5 Creed. My bet is that I was shooting high. Pardon all the shaking around on the economy tripod and the wasted time clearing a jam.

Laugh with me .. not at me. :) :) :)
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First encounter in a few years with a rattlesnake. People say let them be but as much as I'm deep in the woods whether it be turkey hunting or hunting dogs I just can't do it. I killed this one next to two residents as well.
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Same here Brandon, I have already encountered 4 snakes this spring while in the woods or at camp and I moved on, Garter and king snakes, but if I run across a rattler or copperhead, then if I can they are gonna be in same position as that one on your tailgate. I just can't not, knowing someone like that grandfather hunting with his son in OC years back could die from a bite.