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I know I am wrong and everyone else is correct. From limited experience I know you shoot them much further back than a deer hunter is comfortable doing. I shot mine halfway back and a few inches low and it took out a large chunk of each lung. Perhaps I caught her on the inhale.


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I tell folks to shoot a bear in the same place a liver hit would be for a deer. 4th-5th rib back. Middle-back of ribs. ESPECIALLY with archery equipment.


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I would not go so far as middle but definitely away from shoulder I lost a bear this year after 4 hours blood trail through heck since I hit shoulder with xbow


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Two more down. Wife finally got her 1st bear back on 10-23, we went back up over this weekend and I got one Saturday. So we have some Christmas dinner roast this year! We both are very pleased, after all the effort this year. We have tried to schedule our weekends off together to get it done. It paid off.


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Field dressed weighed 183.4 lb...
I found her swiping the ground on the hunt for acorns down off the side of a ridgetop I was walking. Being downwind I was able to patiently watch her for a minute to make sure she was legal and wait for a really clear shot.


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