2023 Oglethorpe County


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Great conversation guys. I will be back down this evening thru Tuesday evening. Weather looks good. As far as weight of deer, I honestly have no idea, we do not weigh ours, I simply guess by how many people it takes to get it out of woods and into a truck bed, but imagine similar to what AC posted ;).


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Hunted Wednesday thru Saturday morn with a fellow trad bow Hunter @Al33. No deer on the ground but multiple opportunities.

I missed a nice 8 pt at 8 yds Saturday morning. Most surreal experience I ever experienced while hunting.

Was walking out from stand bout 10:00 am after a couple up close encounters from stand. Easing up a fire break rd looking in to a hardwood drainage with thick saplings along the edge of fire break.

Glance to my left n see a black nose…then 2 eyes as I peered closer. A few seconds go by with a stared down then up pops his head and I see antlers.

No way to shoot thru saplings. He was no more than 7 yds from me. I figure he’s about to bolt but he doesn’t. With no shot opportunity I start talking to him…Still no movement.

This goes on for what felt like an eternity. Read an article couple years ago about a guy stomping at deer to calm them down so I figure with nothing to lose I’ll give it a try.

I stomp as loud as I can 6 or 7 times n started mouth grunting. To my utter amazement, buck wags his tail n starts munching on acorns. Turns n starts feeding down the draw when I see a shot window no more than 8 yds.

When he steps in shot window n draw all the while looking at the small window trying to determine if my arrow will fly thru opening.

Anchor on his vitals n release arrow. Buck just slowly walks away. Arrow stuck in bank behind him. Shot no more than 8 yds n zipped it right over his back. Couldn’t believe what had just happened.

Can’t make this stuff up. I’m now a Stomper!
Thank you again AC, I had a wonderful visit and hunt. Hope the rest of the season turns out more productive for you. Happy Turkey!!!


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Just hunt with the game warden, he can pull the jaw bone and give you a good guesstimate or send off to the biologist! That’s what I do!
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Another enjoyable week of hunting. I saw a buck 4 out of 5 days. This year has been funny, the bucks either have tall tines and narrow racks or wider racks with short tines. I know I am getting old, (pushing 70) but I just can't seem to locate a good 4.5 year old buck this year. When its all said and done, its a blessing to be able to spend time in the woods and admire what the Creator has provided. And then stay home on Saturday and watch the Dawgs do it again!

I will try for that mature buck again a few days this coming week and then enjoy quality time with the wife, kids, and grandkids.


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Well me and pops had a great weekend spending time in the woods. Saturday morning I had a nice 8 pointer come through about 7:45-8:00 am trailing a doe trail. Took the shot on him and put him down. About 30 minutes later my pops took a good doe. So we doubled up yesterday morning.
Well this morning when me and my pops stopped at got us a Golden Pantry biscuit dad asked what I wanted today. Jokingly I told him I wanted him to shoot that big 10 on our cameras.
We both got a sausage n baked egg biscuit and headed on out to the hunting club.
Once we arrived I headed to my ladder stand and pops drove my truck to his blind down in the bottoms.
It was a beautiful mornin to be in the woods. Sat there watching the sunrise taking it all in. Pops checked in with me on the walkie talkie to let me know he was good.
Settled in for the morning as the woods came alive. Around 7:45 I heard a rifle shot down to my left about 1/4 mile in pops direction.
Bout 15 mins later pops came across the walkie talkie. Mumbling fast and excited. I couldn’t understand a word until I heard the words. BIG 10.
Needless to say, I was tickled to death.
Got down and jumped on the four wheeler to go help him.
I’ll never forget that chilly ride about a 1/4 mile to get down to Dad. I was tickled to death for him.

We’ve made a lot of memories hunting over the years, but folks this shared morning is top of the list.
Ol killer got the Big 10 IMG_0850.jpegIMG_0856.jpeg


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You guys have been killing some nice bucks! Congratulations!

I killed a OC 8 point Sunday afternoon. Right at 240 yards with my new to me 6mm rem. I miss judged him and definitely should have let him walk as he was just a 3 year old but can't take it back and he definitely got me excited. 1st deer with that rifle.

Me and Hughy hit the Mexican restaurant up after taking care of the buck.

Buford_Dawg stopped by my house yesterday and we had a good visit.


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