2200 Acres in Central East Florida $2000/yr in Edgewater 4-5 members

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We have 2200 acres right off I95 in Edgewater Florida. We have 7 members and are currently looking for 4 or 5 more. Lots of swamp but plenty of high ground. We follow Florida regulations/laws. We have "sections" allotted to each member and they can set it up how they wish, from 80-200 acres. Tons of hogs, good amount of turkey, and a decent amount of deer. We have some huge swamp donkeys, but few are willing to go out there to get them. Food plots and feeders are allowed. Hunt hogs year round day or night, and guests do not need a hunter's license (hog hunting only). We have a camping area but extremely primitive. No electricity, just BYOG. Bring your own generator and camper. No dogs allowed and only stalking allowed in your area. Furnish/build your own stands. We are family oriented and are looking for the same. We dont mind drinking in camp, but it isnt tolerated if it gets out of control or leads to hunting impaired. $2000/yr and usually starts August 1 and ends the end of July. You can join now and start cutting trails and setting up stands pre-season in most locations.

If interested please call the numbers below for more information or to schedule a time to see the property. We can also send you more pics if needed.
Thank you!
Brett D - President

Chase - 1-407-704-0388
Andy (Vice President) - 1-407-256-9840

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I know we have one duck hunter. I really dont know how well he does. Wood ducks come through every morning and evening. I think Andy can tell you more about ducks. I am 98% deer hunter and shoot 2% hogs. I have seen other ducks out there, but I couldnt tell you what they are. Chase or Andy should be able to help you better. I just know they have wings :p

We also only have 1 or 2 turkey hunters. Just not many fields, mostly Florida palmettos and old oaks. I see 20-30 jakes and hens come through at a time. Toms will come in about ten at a time. Then I can go for months not seeing one. Used to be an old orchard many years ago. You can bring in machinery to clear out areas if you wish. Your area is yours until you choose to leave it.
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no sir, have not seen one gator
not saying some arent out there in the middle, but I am too old to go walking out there
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