225 Johnson trim problems

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I have a 97 225 Johnson that has set up for a while. I pulled it out and started it a couple weeks ago. Trimmed it down hooked up water and after a few tries it crank. So now I tried to raise the motor and trim doesn’t work and motor won’t turn over. No beeps when keys turn. Nothing. Battery is charged and have voltage to the motor. Any ideas what may be the problem or at least a way to raise the motor so it could be taken to a mechanic ?


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Lower port side on the trim unit will be a captive slotted emergency release valve. Use a LARGE flat blade screwdriver and turn it.
Before you rush to mechanic, clean and measure resistance of both ends of both battery cables. Corrosion will reduce the current carrying abilties and while you'll show voltage, you wont get enough power to crank over.


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A digital volt meter show voltage, but you may need use an old headlight bulb to see if you have enough current. Faulty grounds are usually the problem on low voltage DC applications.
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I checked the cables where they attach at the motor. Shows 13 volts. Even cleaned terminals there and there is 13 volts on the terminals behind the cable connection. Power goes into some type of solenoid but nothing on other side. I haven’t check resistance yet but will. Thanks.