22LR for hogs


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I’ve killed several with a .22LR using solid points less than 50yds. If you want to really do some damage get you a .22 mag or a .17hmr. I’ve a couple of boars over 250# at about 50yds with a .17hmr. Like everyone says, shoot for his ear canal.
If I`m going to shoot a hog with a 22 lr, it will be a solid, and I`ll wait for a side shot and put it right in the ear canal. If it is facing me on about the same level, I`ll not take a shot due to the angle of the hog`s forehead.

I`ve done a lot of experimentation with a 22 on both wild and tame hogs, at ranges from about 40 yards to a few inches, both rifle and pistol. Hollow points lack penetration, and Stingers and other hyper velocity hollow points splattered on impact with the skull on frontal shots, most of the time. Solids don`t. Also, the shield can stop a 22 bullet.
I will say I just learned this. We were shooting pigs in a trap. My buddy was shooting solids. And actually right between the eyes was putting them straight down. I was using hollow points and took a couple shots. But this was at very close range. I put a couple in the ear hole at ten yards and they didn’t go straight down. Maybe I missed the exact spot. But at ten yards I’d hate to try it at a further distance.