2nd to last day of season ... what do you do ?

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2 more days of deer season left and you have not killed a deer yet. You are going for broke on holding out for the giant of a buck you have seen - your mind is made up, no doe deer for you this season.
You set up overlooking a green field on the AM hunt and watch 7 doe deer for 2 hours.
You eat lunch and go back for the PM hunt, same 7 doe deer come out and feed until dark.

It is now the last day of season. You go back to the same stand and as the sun rises you see the same 7 doe deer feeding .... the buck never shows; although the doe deer entered and exited the field at the place on every hunt.

It is now 3:30Pm on the last day of the season, what do you do?

Stick it out in the tower stand?

Move to another area?

Go ahead and decide to whack a doe if one shows?

Grab a climber and move 100-200 yards inside the woods parallel to the trail the doe deer took?

Give up and wait until next season?


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easy for me....

It was the last day of the season and no meat in the freezer? :hair:

At 3:30 that late in the season, only a couple of hours left to hunt, cold....I would whack a couple of the does, :shoot: :shoot: and not move out of the stand till dark.


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I would move 100-200 yards inside the woods parallel to the trail the doe took.or try to find where he holds up at just before intering the field.as does go seeing this many a hunter should have fill his or her tags early in the season.


I'm with Perry.........

Perry Hayes said:
If I had no meat.......boom :shoot:

If no meat.........."BOOM"!!!!!!!!!!

If'n I had taken a deer already.............I'd sit and wait till dark then just start gettin' ready for next year......


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To begin with, I wouldnt have waited until the last afternoon and decide to kmove back into the woods. I'd already been there. If as you said the decision was to wait for Mr. Big, then that is what I'd do. I suspect meat isnt an issue so just killing one to be killing one isnt for me.

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I am happy to see ya'll would shoot them girls, I would!!

I would also add there is no right or wrong answer, but I will suggest that the best thing to do would be to shoot the does that appear. It removes "competition" for the bucks for next season hopefuly helping yur chances for a visit from Mr Big next year.
Id also not fret about not getting a buck - he is still out there, several of em, and you have several months to scout and learn and get set up to be in better position next year.
Id suggest walking the does trail into the woods and placeing a lock on or limbing up a tree for your climber at the first trail intersection, the more trails comeing together the better. Go ahead and do the work now, put up the stand, limb up trees, and stage the area NOW, and you will be in Prime Time for next season now.

And the best advise I can give you is … sit tight, don’t give up, have patience and don’t quit until the last second ticks off.
First off, I'd give thanks for another season in the deer woods. Since I don't shoot does off my food plots, if I had any interest at all in taking a doe that late in the year I would be set up back in the woods somewhere. And if I was looking for a buck to go on the wall unless the rut in the area ran very late in the season I would still be back in the thick woods not on a food plot. By the end of the season the big boys have gotten very leery of open areas. Mostly, I'd sit and enjoy the sunset and dream of next year when the big one is another year older. The successfulness of my season depends on spending some quality time in the woods enjoying all around me regardless of whether I pull the trigger on anything at all.
On the last day and last hunt of the afternoon, and trying all yr for a buck and have no meat to show for it, i would pitty the doe or does that show up in front of me :shoot: