3/23 Lanier Spots - Always more fun taking others!

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So I have had the pleasure taking my neighbor's son, Dalton, fishing over the last 3 years. I saw him unloading his fishing gear from his trunk last week, still has the minnow bucket I gave him 3 years ago, and asked how his luck has been. He let me know that he's been twice and has yet to land anything. In our discussion, he let me know now that he has a good, full time job, he's really looking for a boat to get in on more of Lake Lanier boat fishing since we always have luck together. So I told him as soon as I got my boat on the water for its first spring run and confirmation of proper operation, I'd be getting him out there. I took Monday off to do just that. So when I text him this afternoon asking if he wanted to go fishing, I got an immediate confirmation. He wanted to see what planer board action was all about so I took him to some of my favorite points for spots. We had a spread of two planers and two weighted freelines baited with bluebacks out for less than 3 minutes when he got his first spot on a planer. Over the next hour and a half he got two on the weighted freelines and ended the afternoon with another planer board. He enjoyed his first experience watching a striper chasing and smacking the short freelined blueback behind the boat, but unfortunately, we didn't hook up. However, he liked witnessing that top water chasing and fish rolling so close, as he had never seen that before. I'm still trying to get him his first gar that he's been wanting. We hooked two tonight but both came off. I always have a blast when taking others out. :cool:



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Great story, great catch and a fine representative of the fishing nation. Atta boy!
WTG Fred! It was a good deed putting Dalton on some fish. Congrats on you success!