3-30-21 - Hybrid spawn update

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Dustin Pate

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I haven't posted an update in a minute. The weather has had the river in all sorts of mess the last week or so. The fishing was incredible right before this last outbreak and yesterday was the first day I felt I could get back out with artificials and get some bites. The fish have really pushed north with the high current, which normally happens. I caught fish yesterday from well above Franklin to well below. The white bass are starting to get spawned out and really beat up, but the big female hybrids are here in force. I really think we should have another few weeks of decent fishing...we just need the rains to slow down some.

The fish are really seeking out slack water right now and you could find a big wad in the right place. Black/chartreuse swimbaits were the ticket in the muddy water.

166232101_10103785837064438_4031289625724708032_n.jpg 166395812_10103785837139288_5478124333754204984_n.jpg 166691017_10103785836869828_8275673961147777650_n.jpg 166888895_10103785837014538_4777797837644555003_n.jpg 167080947_10103785836565438_6174606496526003277_n.jpg 167090300_10103785836465638_1923619597599840810_n.jpg 167100824_10103785836854858_3922559468212543206_n.jpg 167187158_10103785836765038_7095717977602404664_n.jpg 167194659_10103785836345878_4951645828486675957_n.jpg 167675566_10103785836630308_6348295230032430047_n.jpg

Wire Nut

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Love catching anything with lines. Hybrid are starting to move up around me now. The white bass are still full of eggs. Love to see the boys smile and holding fish


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Looking good as always, that 2nd to last picture, looks like she’s full of water finally!!! Everything should be full right now!!!